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For the shot to win the paperback copy of Tantalize, all you have to do is enter by next Friday, Aug. 1 at Midnight Eastern. The winner should be posted on August 2, the day another vampire novel is released….Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.
This is the last contest for me for Vampire month, so enter enter enter!!!

Now…HOW do you enter? On my blog, as you all should know if you regulary visit, we don’t just focus on books…but music, movies, and other such things. We like to promote and support a wide variety of things…and will continue to do so with this contest.

All you have to do is check out this band on Myspace called The Remorse Code.
Once you do, leave a comment stating what you thought…and if you have Myspace, feel free to add and talk to the band yourself (but you don’t have to add them…not part of the contest).

Thank you and here’s the myspace link: The Remorse Code

If you add them, tell them we sent ya!!! 🙂

43 responses to “Tantalize Contest

  1. Anonymous

    Hmm.. I don’t really listen to rock. But their songs we’re okay. I liked “Cornflower Blue” from the selection.

    Anyways, please enter me in the drawing. Thanks. =)

    Carmen T
    carmenalexistsang [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. I like Cornflower blue and Atheists and foxholes. I really like the lead singers voice. I’ll keep checking out their page to see when they add some more songs.

  3. Carmen R: Thanks for checking them out and I’m glad you liked some of the music. I love his voice as well…new songs should be posted sometime in the near future, so definitely keep checking their page and add them if you have Myspace. 🙂

  4. Oh my! They sounded amazing! They have gotten me out of my writers block oddly enough. o.O Jeez, I am definitely adding them to my myspace. I liked every song that they had on there. But my favorite was the Cornflower blue[Which is the one that got me out of my writers block.] I think my selection for it would be the Cornflower blue, So save your breathe, Atheists and foxholes and then If Blood mixes.
    I’m glad I entered this contest. They are really good. Matt has a really really awesome voice. Sounds really cute. 🙂
    Cynthia told me about this contests on myspace. Because I had told her on there that I had tried to check out her “Tantalize” at the library bc I have been wanting to read it really badly, but someone had checked it out the day before I got there.
    How did you find out about this band anyways?
    Also, I have a book review blog to if you want to check me out at http://www.thereaderssanctuary.blogspot.com


  5. For some reason the last comment I posted didn’t go through. And I wrote A LOT. 🙁
    I went to The Remorse Code’s myspace. I listened to them and they are WOW! I really like Matt’s voice. Sounds really good. Also, Cornflower Blue smacked me out of my writers block, oddly. I was talking to Cynthia about how I’ve been wanting to get a copy of Tantalize because I have never read it and have been dying to. My friends have told me many good things about it and I have been talking to Cynthia and she is really nice. She told me about this contest so I decided to enter it. I also have a book review blog. You can find me there at http://www.thereaderssanctuary.blogspot.com if you like ^^. I think my favorite out of Cornflower blue, Atheists and foxholes, So save your breathe and If Blood mixes, was Cornflower blue. His voice really drew me into that song and it’s also because it made get loose my writers block. My second favorite song would be so save my breathe, then If blood mixes and then Atheists and foxholes. 🙂 I’m gonna add them. I hope to hear more from them. I just told about five of my friends about them including my boyfriend who is huge on music and knows all the good stuff and the bad. So I assure you that if he likes them, he will be telling many many people about them. And from the looks of it I think he does like them. He said that Cornflower blue was “pretty sweet”. Which is good, lol.
    How did you find out about them?


  6. kisstobetray: Awesome awesome, I’m glad you like some of the music. Definitely add them if you have Myspace or just keep checking back for new music!

    the readers’ sanctuary: I’ll definitely go and check out your blog after this. I’m so glad you liked the music…I love it a ton!…Cornflower Blue is one of my favorites as well, and that’s awesome it helped with your writer’s block. Inspiration comes from different places, and it’s always cool to hear about!

    I’m so glad your boyfriend seems to like them as well and hopefully he will spread the word. That’s awesome you’ve already told some friends.

    Good luck in the contest! If you don’t win, I hope the library gets the book back soon. 🙂

    OH! And I found them b/c they added me on Myspace and when I was starting this blog I listened to them and really loved it…and now I just try and help to spread the word!!!


  7. I’m more of a pop girl 😛 But, they sound cute! Cornflower Blue is my pick from their songs!
    Thank you for introducing a new band and the chance to win Tantalize!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  8. Bunny B: I understand what you mean! No problem and good luck in the contest! 🙂

    Daniela: I get what you mean! I’m glad you liked the songs you listened too…definitely keep listening! 🙂

    book~adorer: Glad you didn’t mind them and that your husband liked it as well. Definitely keep checking back to their myspace for new music, etc.

    Good luck everyone in the contest!

  9. The songs are pretty good. =) I scanned through them but I’m sure my friend would enjoy their music. ^^

    I would like to me in the contest! (Oh, and every other one that I’ve joined. xD Just contact me through LJ)

  10. Oh I liked them. I may just add them so I remember to listen to their music more, lol. This was a neat way to enter a contest. I liked it. I’d really love to have a copy of Tantalize. =)

    P.S. I was soooo beyond shocked to find out I wont Brooke’s contest. You should have seen my jaw drop this afternoon when I found out. I couldn’t believe it at first, lol.


  11. Breanna:haha yes, that might help you remember to listen more. If you do, tell them I sent ya! 🙂 Glad you liked the way to enter. I like to mix and match different things we promote/support if I can.

    I know, that’s so crazy!! I’m happy for ya though. You deserve to win. Such a sweet prize.


  12. They have a very interesting sound, more unique than some of what’s out there today. I can see them becoming pretty popular. And I really love the name of the band – very original.

  13. I like the band. Rock is my fave genre of music or Indie. I like the song “If Blood Mixes”. I don’t have a myspace, but I’ll add them once I make one. Thanks

  14. Anonymous

    hey they actually sound pretty darn good i liked if blood mixes, the singer has a really nice voice! btw the cover’s awesome-great contest!


  15. margay: I love the name too, and i agree about the music being different from other bands…that’s always a good thing these days, I suppose!!

    alessandra: Entered! Glad you liked that song. I love it myself.

    bloocheeseness: That’s awesome! I’m glad you liked their stuff…and def. add them when you make a myspace.

    anonymous: Glad you liked the music. 🙂

    Everyone who liked the music/has a myspace: If you add them, tell them we sent ya! 🙂


  16. Like many others, my favorite song was Cornflower Blue. I think each badn member is very talented and I liked the meshing of the lead singer’s voice with the instruments. Their songs seem more complex than much of rock music. Please enter me – I would be thrilled to win!

  17. writer’s block reviews: no, i understand that. I have to let certain stuff grow on me too. glad you liked it though. you should def. add them so you can remember to listen more later, esp. when they post new songs!
    And you are entered in the contest!


  18. booked books: I’m glad you liked them! and yes, Cornflower Blue seems to be the big hit…it really is one my own favorites!
    If you have Myspace, def. add them…new songs soon. 🙂

    Lenore: Yay! I’m so happy you liked the music that much. Thanks for adding/saying we sent ya.
    Good luck in the drawing!!!


  19. booked books: I’m glad you liked them! and yes, Cornflower Blue seems to be the big hit…it really is one my own favorites!
    If you have Myspace, def. add them…new songs soon. 🙂

    Lenore: Yay! I’m so happy you liked the music that much. Thanks for adding/saying we sent ya.
    Good luck in the drawing!!!


  20. I listened to “Cornflower Blue” and “Atheists and Foxholes” and my ears kind of hurt now, lol. I would have listened to the others too, but it’s just not my kind of music.

  21. I like the voice, its nice…. “Cornflower Blue” was pretty good.

    But I have to listen to it a lot of times before I give it a final verdict.

  22. Thanks for the link…I love finding new music via MySpace 🙂 I’m going to listen to them again when my house is quieter 😉 but it sounded pretty good

  23. Tina: I’m very glad you do. Thanks for entering.

    The dizzy: I know what you mean. I hope you like them more after awhile though. Do you have myspace? you should add them!

    Book Spot: Yay! I love finding new music as well. Definitely keep listening….and add them if you have myspace. tell them we sent ya 😉


  24. Wow, they’re really good! Thanks for sharing, I love finding new music! =D Because I tend to like softer music my fave was ‘So Save Your Breath’, then ‘If Blood Mixes’

  25. @shooting star: Lol, I keep forgetting. I’ll send their site to her facebook right now. :3

    Oh I can’t wait. Tonight is the night for drawing!

    Oh yes, I should leave you my email instead.

    faked_sugartone at hotmail.com

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