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Depending on where you live and when you’re reading this, Happy New Year! I hope that 2018 will be even better for all of us – worldwide and in our personal lives. I’m ending 2017 with 192 books read, which is pretty dang good I think! I only did the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2017, so I thought I’d sign up for some other challenges for 2018 and hopefully that will help me read certain books more and just generally have fun with my reading/blogging. Will you join me? What challenges did you sign up for?

I think I just forgot to sign up for this challenge last year, but anyway, I’m back! Discussion posts are some of my favorites so I’m excited to join Nicole and Shannon in their 2018 Discussion Challenge. You can find all the details here. Basically, though, all the posts have to be book, book blogging, or blogging in general related. No off-topic posts that deal with travel or something else.

I’m going to go low and sign up for the Discussion Dabbler, which means I’ll write between 1-10 discussion posts this year. Hopefully it will be more than that, but we’ll see! Any bit would make me happy!

The Blog All About It Challenge is hosted by the lovely Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup. This one kind of goes along with the discussion challenge, but the idea is that each month will have a prompt and you write any post you want related to that prompt and then share it with everyone else! Your post does not have to be book related, but it can be if you want! I’m planning to use this for mostly non-book related posts, but we’ll see!


January– Winter
February– Red
March– Favorite Scent
April– Art
May– Organize
June– Growl
July– Spirit
August– Beginning
September– Escape
October– Trees
November– Truth
December– Shine/Sparkle

The only thing I’ve seen related to Les Mis is the most recent movie with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. It’s one of those books that is really intimidating, but I’m curious about it, so this challenge sounds like a great way to dive in. You see…Les Mis has exactly 365 chapters, so this challenge is a Les Mis Chapter-A-Day Read-Along hosted by One Catholic Life. I think I can handle one chapter a day, and I have a copy of my book already, so let’s get started!

I always say that I’m going to finally read more of the books that I actually own, and while I’ve done better in recent years, I know I can get even more backlist books read. Therefore, I’m joining  the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by NovelKnight. What’s even more exciting is that when you sign up, you get added to a team and every backlist book your team reads each month earns you points – the team with the highest points each month will have a winner within that team chosen to win a prize (book of your choice). The giveaway is honestly just a fun bonus; I really like the team aspect/encouragement and that it pushes me to actually accomplish a personal reading goal. Some people’s posts included books from their TBR that they want to read, but honestly, I have so many books in my house and on my e-reader that I don’t know where to begin, so let’s just say that I hope to read at least 24 backlist books this year (that’s 2 a month), but more would be wonderful!

I’m on Team Dewey Dragon. What about you?


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And that’s it! Four specific challenges – two deal more with discussions and the other two are about reading books! I think that’s a good mix, and I’m excited to get started with all of these.

Do any of these stick out to you? Again, let me know which challenges you’ve joined (book or blog related – it doesn’t matter to me) and feel free to leave a link if you have a sign-up post like mine!

62 responses to “2018 Blog Challenges

  1. Oh cool! I’ll be sharing the Blog All About It challenge with you. I want to get in more non-review posts this year for a variety for both me and our readers.

    Cheering you on for all of your challenges, Lauren!

  2. I love reading challenges so much, that I am constantly adding more. I just cannot say no. I am doing the Discussion Challenge too. Yay! We can root each other on. Beat the Backlist is a good one too. I have so many unread books. Blog all about it sounds pretty great too. Good luck with them all!

  3. This is a great round up! I’ve never heard of most of these! I intend to do a lot more reviewing this year, and hopefully blogging in general. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I’ve been on the fence about setting another reading challenge for myself. I did the Goodreads one last year and just made my goal, but I kept stressing I would get the job done. Anyway, these all look like great ways to motivate you to read and keep reading. I’ll check back and find out how you do with Les Miserable.

  5. These challenges are awesome! I’d love to participate but I’m juggling 2 jobs so i don’t want to commit to anything I know I won’t have time for. Did you say you’ve read 192 books last year?! Your my idol!

  6. Happy New Year! I’m participating in Beat the Backlist as well. I really liked the different houses last year but I like how everything is changing up this year too.
    So many books! I had to change my goal last minute so I only got to 114 which isn’t that bad based on the craziness of this past year.
    That Les Miserables challenge is commitment! I love it. Good luck and hope you have a wonderful reading year 😀

  7. Jen

    Awww I’m joining Beat the Backlist for the same reason! I have SOOO many books sitting on my bookshelves and in my kindle….and they’ve been there for years. Whoops lol. I’m not making a list either because there’s just too many to chose from but here’s hoping we both do an amazing time with that challenge this year!

    Jen recently posted: Monthly Wrap-Up – December
  8. This sounds like a great idea! I probably won’t sign up for this one because I’m not a book blogger but this definitely gave me the idea to go look for a challenge for myself!

  9. I haven’t done any blog challenges in a while–some of these sound like they’d be a lot of fun! I’ll have to think about it, hehe–if my schedule permits, I may join in as well!

  10. I’m such a slow reader. Last year I told myself to finish five books. I think I finished four but read about six (so four out of six I read). Well done and good luck with this challenge. It’s always good doing a challenge with partners.

  11. I’m going to be signing up for the a Discussion Challenge too, I think. It’ll be my first year. I’m definitely a dabbler. LOL And now your tempting me with the Blog All About It Challenge. I might have to do that too… I like the idea of writing around themes.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year, Lauren!

    Lea Miserables in a year… I was thinking about trying War and Peace again, but Leslie Miz! I started it about 20+ years ago and was loving it, but university classes made me set it aside. I never went back. So tempting! Should I or shouldn’t I? Hmm.

  12. All of these challenges sound really fun and all are pretty unique, too! I’m excited to read about them on here. 🙂 I just want to do an IG challenge again, but I am afraid to even try! Life is just so busy right now! lol!


  13. Dude, you did an awesome job in 2017 with your reading challenge! And I love the idea of a chapter a day for Les Mis! I haven’t read it, though I saw the play on Broadway about a million years ago. I love challenges that inspire you to stick to your guns and meet your goals. I think I signed up for the Goodreads challenge this year, but I can’t remember the actual # of books. I’m going to check now!

    Happy happy new year, my sweet friend! Hope 2018 brings you all wonderful things 🙂 XOXO

  14. Such a great variety of challenges Lauren, I really like the discussions prompt. Discussions aren’t something I typically post anymore, I just reached the point where it felt like bloggers were all posting similar topics and repeating what others have said. I’ve always got quite a bit to say, just not sure if it’s worth posting. I might make an effort this year though.

    I’m actually group hosting a year long reading challenge for the Aussie and NZ YA community and absolutely stoked how many eager readers have joined and sharing their love of books.

  15. This is really cool! I have never heard of any of these challenges before. The Blog All About It one really intrigues me! And a Les Mis chapter a day. I gave own the book for a few years now but get really intimidated when I think about reading the entire thing.

  16. Some great challenges and I like that they aren’t all about reading books. I love discussion posts, they are my favorite to read and write. I look forward to seeing yours. I am also working through my backlist, and I am enjoying it. Best of luck!

  17. Good luck with LeMis!! It’s one of my favorite musicals and I remember reading it in Highschool… that thing is a BEAST!!! Great book, but it can get a little long at spots. I still have it on my bookshelf all these years later because I’m still so proud that I read it 🙂

  18. 192 books in one year?! That’s incredible!!!! Omg, and good for you for tackling Les Mis. I tried to do it a few years ago and I was just like, aw no, nobody got time for that.

    I don’t think I’m going to tackle anything that difficult, but my goal is to read 4 books a month in 2018! I gotta sign up for Goodreads! 🙂

  19. I’m still up in the air about what – if any – reading challenges I’ll participate in this year. My mantra for 2018 is: read what I want, when I want. And I kind of just want to enjoy the freedom of that without taking any challenges into consideration. But they can also be fun and motivating, sooo… I kind of need to make up my mind soon! 🙂 Good luck with all of your challenges this year, Lauren!

  20. Best of luck for your challenges! I am also doing the Beat the Backlist Challenge (I am team Novel Knights!) and the Discussion Challenge 😀

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