28 Days of Winter Escapes: Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

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Hey guys, Alicia here.

Today I am proud (and honored) to be a part of HarperTeen‘s 28 Days of Winter Escapes. Everyday in February they are giving away a signed book (some of which aren’t out yet), and once a week, a free ipod touch! Pretty amazing, right? Today’s featured author and book is GORGEOUS by Rachel Vail!

Here’s an exclusive Q&A with Rachel!

1) Which of the Avery sisters are you the most similar to and why?

As I wrote each book, I thought, “This is the one who is most like me.” Like Phoebe in Lucky, I am happiest when I can be strong and generous and please everybody – and terribly awkward when I am the one who needs to ask for help. As Allison does in Gorgeous, I can get prickly when I feel vulnerable, though I am not as funny and much less likely to yell or strike out the way Allison does (which makes me envy her sometimes!) But maybe because I most recently finished Brilliant, the final book in the Avery sisters trilogy, I think probably I am most, at heart, like Quinn—a good girl with a hidden streak of outlaw inside her. . .

2) In Gorgeous, Allison thinks that she makes a deal with the devil. Have you ever wished that you could trade the devil for something?

Often. When I’m stuck in traffic, late for a meeting – or I’m rounding a corner and see I’m about to bump into an old boyfriend while looking my very worst – or every time a new book is about to come out, I’ve definitely been tempted to offer up my soul or at least my (unused) new tennis racquet in exchange for a fantastic outcome. Despite, like Allison, not believing in him. And I am not sure what I got in the bargain, but he definitely possesses my cell phone.

3) What characteristic do you think is a must-have in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

The key is not any particular trait (though we all have our quirky weaknesses, don’t we?) It’s not even just how much you like the person. The must-have? Ask yourself this one simple question: How much do you like yourself when you are together? Do you tend to feel grouchy, nasty, worried, inhibited? Relationship fail. Or, do you feel especially confident, maybe even gorgeous, and most important—happy? Ahhh. . .

4) When you notice someone from across the room, what is it about him/her that jumps out at you? (Eyes, hair, laugh, etc.)

Usually for me it is a quality of paying attention. If somebody is really looking, fully listening, there’s an intensity of engagement that I find pretty irresistible.

5) Winters in New York can get pretty chilly. What do you do to beat the blustery winds and freezing temps?

I hate the cold!!!! This year I bought myself a coat so long and puffy I look like I am walking around in a sleeping bag.


Be sure to check out the website for your chance to win, or click on the widget below!

4 responses to “28 Days of Winter Escapes: Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

  1. Ack! That nail polish reminds me of the time my daughter painted her name on her white lacquer bedroom furniture using blue nail polish. I know, nothing to do with the book, but isn't it interesting how covers affect each of us? 😉

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