Authors love Bloggers Brunch: Interview with Parker Peevyhouse

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Alicia here, with a very special post today.


On Saturday,
January 14th, I met up with a group of authors and bloggers (all
information on them is at the bottom of this post) at Books Inc.’s Santa Clara
location for a fun brunch! Each blogger was paired with an author that we got
to interview. I got
 Parker Peevyhouse, author of Where Futures End. Parker and I hit it off wonderfully and I had an
absolute blast interviewing her. She is the nicest author I’ve ever
interviewed before, and I just had a great time talking to her. 
The Ravenous Reader has
a full roundup of the event, including pictures, tweets and video. Plus, they
have links to all of the other blogger’s interviews. Check it all out right
And there’s an article
about it

My interview with Parker Peevyhouse:

*Just a note, I’m
paraphrasing everything Parker said, so any mistakes are mine. *
Pitch your book to us.
Cloud Atlas meets Donnie
Darko. Or, if you don’t know Donnie Darko, Cloud Atlas meets Black Mirror.

How did you come up with Where Futures End?
She likes to write short
stories, had some ideas about it, and decided to put them all together. It was
a big and exciting experience to mash everything up.

There are five main
characters: Dylan, Brixney, Epony, Reef, and Quinn. Which was your favorite to
The answer changes a
lot, today her favorite is Brixney. She likes that Brixney does what she needs
to do. Brixney is also more badass than her, so she enjoyed getting to write
out things she would never say out loud.
How did you decide on
which time periods to write, and which characters to place in them? (The
restaurant is so weird.)
She wanted looked at
futuristic periods and knew that she wanted to include a weird futuristic
restaurant. She also wanted to look at how social media, video games and a
debtor society would work. She decided on the characters by thinking about who would
suffer the most in each period.
Do you watch Black
Mirror? I found a lot of parallels between the two.
She watched it after got
the book deal and her book was written. Her editor told her about it and that
she needed to watch it. She enjoyed it and saw the parallels.
Do you have any writing
She has to start off by
listening to music. Some of her favorite bands to listen to are Vampire Weekend
and Arcade Fire. She likes to match her characters to specific songs.

You just announced your
next book deal, can you tell us about it?
The book is called Scatterling and will be out in 2018 from TorTeen. It’s about a boy who wakes
up in a mysterious place where the only exit is shut. He has no memory of how
he got there, and there is a big gap in his memory. There’s also a girl (no
memory either) locked inside with him, but they don’t trust each other. Every
time they try to escape, they end up where they started with no memory of
escaping, until they slowly do remember.
Any genre you would like
to write in, but are scared to?
No, she’s very attached
to sci-fi/fantasy.
Book you wished you
The Westing Game by
Ellen Raskin, it’s her kind of book.
If you could live in any
book which would it be and who would you be?
Ready Player One by
Ernest Cline and she would be herself.
Where were you when you
got your book deal?

For Where Futures End, she had just gotten back from the dentist and
her mouth was all numb. She just kept saying, “I can’t talk!” For
 Scatterling she was at the park with her kid and burst out crying. Everyone
stared at her.

If you could travel to
the past or future, where would you go?
The past to meet Jane
Favorite reads of 2016?
The Lie Tree by Frances
Hardinge. The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry. A Study in Charlotte by
Brittany Cavallaro.
Books you are most
looking forward to in 2017?
The Last of August by
Brittany Cavallaro, which she’s already read and loved it. The Speaker by Traci
Chee. Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel.

Ice cream or cake?
Salty or sweet?
Coffee or tea?
Netflix or Hulu?
Instagram or Twitter?
Paperbacks or ebooks?
Any type.
Hot or cold days?
Ocean or mountains?


Not Your Mother’s Book
Club isn’t REALLY a club. It’s the name of Books Inc.’s Young Adult Author
Salon. So really, we’re just an inclusive bunch of PASSIONATE readers who get
to hang out with the coolest authors on the scene! We throw parties, eat snacks
and read, read, read, read, read…
Not Your Mother’s Book
Club events go into the Not Your Mother’s Book Club Fund, which Books Inc.
turns around and uses to spread the love of reading throughout the Bay Area
Participating Blogs
Hannah at NYMBC
Nancy and Christy at Tales of the Ravenous Reader
Jesalin at JBelkBooks
Alyssa and Addie at San Jose Public Library
Amanda R. at Forever
Young Adult
Cristina at Girl in
the Pages
Joss at Tealreader
Camille at The Young Folks
Participating Authors
Rahul Kanakia
Traci Chee
Christy Lenzi
Alexandra Sirowy
Sonya Mukherjee
Jessica Taylor
Kelly Gilbert
Parker Peevyhouse
Tim Floreen
Nina LaCour
Tara Sim
Tricia Stirling
Thanks so much Parker
for the fantastic interview, and to Nancy, Christy and Hannah for putting this
amazing event together!

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  1. You're so lucky that you have a lot of bloggers that live near by and can get together for events like these. Thanks for sharing this post with us 🙂

  2. This sounds like SUCH a cool event! So jealous you get to meet so many amazing bloggers and interview authors like this–The Westing Game is such a great read! Wonderful post!!

  3. What a wonderful bookclub Alicia! I love that readers can sit down with authors and just chat in such a social setting, sharing thoughts and books with one another. A fantastic interview, sounds like a wonderful day! Thank you so much for sharing <3

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