The Avengers Review with Lots of Pictures and Quotes

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The Avengers Movie (with a lot of pictures I do not own) 

Review by Lauren

I saw Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America…and finally, I saw The Avengers and it.was.awesome. It was one of those movies that held my attention throughout the whole thing and when it was over, I was totally ready to go and see it again. Now, I didn’t see The Hulk with Edward Norton (though I hear it’s not too bad so I probably should) but I did see most of the Eric Bana one…and oh god, not good.

BUT, Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers as the Hulk was amazing. Joss Whedon definitely made him more humanistic, and you feel bad for Bruce Banner. He doesn’t want to be this monster that he can’t control, so he tries to put himself in situations where he can keep track of the anger and do good for people. In The Avengers though, he shines, just like Ruffalo does playing the character.

One of my favorite people was Loki though. Yeah, I know, he’s the bad guy. But I really enjoyed him in Thor and I couldn’t wait to see him again in The Avengers. Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston, who does a brilliant job. There are a few moments where Loki is watching someone and, all of a sudden, he has this little grin. Just totally evil. But awesome. Definitely awesome.

One of the best lines is between Thor and Black Widow-

Thor: He’s my brother

Black Widow: He killed 80 people in two days

Thor: He’s adopted

It just so serious and hilarious. But poor Thor. He really did keep believing that Loki could change. Alas, that man is evil to the core…but Hiddleston plays him oh so wonderfully. I didn’t want Loki to win, but I didn’t want him to die either…which I guess says something!

Besides Loki, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is probably my favorite. Robert Downey Jr. was just made for this part. Tony is hilarious but in a sarcastic way most of the time. He plays by his own rules, he’s insanely smart but often too smart for his own good, and he just commands your attention whenever he’s on the screen!

When Agent Coulson visits Stark in the beginning of the film about the Avengers coming together, we get some classic dialogue that really just shows Stark’s nature (quotes from IMDB):

Agent Phil Coulson: [Over telephone] Mr Stark, we need to talk.
Tony Stark: You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message.
Agent Phil Coulson: This is urgent.
Tony Stark: Then leave it urgently.
[Coulson enters]
Tony Stark: Security breach.
[to Pepper]
Tony Stark: That’s on you.
Agent Phil Coulson: Mr Stark.
Pepper Potts: Phil! Come in.
Tony Stark: Phil? Uh, his first name is Agent.

Random things about the film I wish to note is that Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance for a brief moment. He does talk though, so it shouldn’t be hard to miss him. Also, Cobie Smulders plays Agent Maria Hill…though most of you will know her as Robin on How I Met Your Mother. It was fun to see her in something else and she did a great job.

Oh, and Jeremey Renner was amazing as Hawkeye. If they give him his own movie, I’m totally in line to see that. I don’t want to say too much about him because it gives a big part away…but I do hope we get more Hawkeye in The Avengers sequel. At any rate, Hawkeye sure does give Katniss a run for her money when it comes to archery skills. Bad.Ass.

One final thing-

9 responses to “The Avengers Review with Lots of Pictures and Quotes

  1. I was reading through your review & I have to ask, who told you the Avengers sequel is coming out next summer?

    I hate to inform you but they're going to be shooting Thor 2 ( this coming August ) & Captain America 2 ( January of 2013 ) & that's not even including the shooting time for Iron Man 3 … the sequel to the Avengers isn't slated until the summer movie season of 2014.

    Simply because the next Marvel movie won't be released until May 2013. But they will probably release three movies in one year ( Iron Man 3 , Thor 2, & Captain America 2 ) as the set up to the 2014 release of Avengers 2.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie especially the parts with Tony Stark/Iron Man and Captain America-they're my two favorites!

    I liked the Hulk film with Norton but the rest of my family didn't; I think he's a tough character to have the entire film rest upon so the same dose of him in this film really worked.

  3. As I said in my review, Black Widow was my favorite! Totally unexpected, but she won me over. (I loved the rest of them too.)

    Luckily I get to see it again this weekend with the not boyfriend.

  4. Oh my gosh, I loved this movie so much — I think it was one of my absolute favourites of all time!! x) I just couldn't get enough of the action and the snark and the epic storyline… And even though my aunt's favourite superhero is Captain America because he's the most good looking LOL, my favourite has to be Iron Man too! The movie honestly wouldn't have been the same without him! I mean, half the funny lines came from him, and he's just so ridiculous! 😉 I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

    Awesome movie review! 🙂 Aren't you so excited for the next movie too?? I SURE AM! <3

  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! THE AVENGERS! I loved this movie. I just can't explain. I can't remember the last time I watched a film and laughed so much. LOVE it, and LOVE your review and quotes! ^___^

  6. Oh, I need to see this. I may be the only person left in this planet who hasn't seen it yet. Or at least if feels like that anyway, haha.

    Btw, the Hulk with Edward Norton was awesome. It's a shame he couldn't be in this but Mark is awesome so I imagine he did a great job as Bruce.

    I am so curious about Loki. I have been seeing a lot of love for him which tells me that he must be a really great villain. It took me a while to realize that the actor who plays him, also portrayed F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris . Crazy. Looks so different. But yea, fun film review 🙂

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  7. The Avengers was awesome!! Sometimes huge casts don't work out, but it was perfectly executed and there were some great moments where the movie veered away from the expected cliche, which was great. So glad you liked it!

    I want Hawkeye to have his own movie too. 🙂

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