Beyond Reading: Aerial Silks with Katrina

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Beyond Reading is a feature where book bloggers/lovers show off what they like to do besides read! If you want to be featured, leave a comment or otherwise get in touch! 


Hi all! I am Katrina, I have occasionally
blogged but right now most of my bookish thoughts are simply being spread over
the internet through my twitter @RinaReadsBooks

So when people ask me what I do in my spare
time I sometimes laugh at them. Between working part time in a care home for
people with intellectual disabilities and taking classes towards my Bachelor’s
of Social Work I don’t always have a lot of free time at all. However, when I
think back there have been two activities that have been a part of my life for
as long as I can remember. One of them is reading and seeing as this is a
feature called “Beyond Reading” I’m sure you can guess I am going to be talking
about the other one.
I started dancing when I was about two
years old, and right away through high school I continued to take classes in
ballet, tap, lyrical and musical theater. When I moved away for university at
17 it was hard to continue taking classes so I took a break. For three and a
half years I didn’t have my dance outlet so I started looking for something to
fill the void. Finally I found a place that offered aerial classes including
hammock, hoop, and silks as well as pole dancing.  I took an aerial hammock class and a pole dancing
class before trying aerial silks and absolutely falling in love with it. 

I still remember on the first day of class
my instructor looking at us and saying the first thing we were going to learn
was how to climb the silks. I also remember thinking she was absolutely crazy.
Still, I tried it and lo and behold I did it. Not right to the top that first
day, but it was something. Coming from a dance background so much of my power
and strength was in my legs so it was a workout to get my upper body
conditioned to be able to pull myself up.

I knew it would be hard to find a studio
that compared to where I danced growing up so finding something that satisfied
my dance itch felt amazing. Since starting nearly two years ago I have done
things I didn’t think possible. I have been able to perform with my new studio
and made friends I never would have met outside of aerial silks.  I have progressed through the beginner and
intermediate classes along with taking several conditioning classes, flexibility
classes and my absolute favourite, a choreography class.

This is a video from my very first student
showcase! I was pretty proud as I choreographed the entire thing on my own, and
it was the first thing I had ever done that for. I have done more things that I
like better since then, but I always like to go back and remember where I

had also enabled me to keep in shape! I am horrible at following an exercise
plan on my own. Going to classes gave me that conditioning as well as the
slight motivation to condition on my own to hit moves I struggled with such as
working my abs to be able to control my aerial invert. 

worked for a solid 2 ½ hours one afternoon just to get this move down)
I think the biggest thing about why I love
aerial silks so much is it makes me happy. I always look forward to going to
classes, I want to go in for practice times and meet ups to learn as much as I
can. Sadly due to work I haven’t been able to take a class since last August. I’ve just been practicing on my own, but I am so excited to get back to classes
again in the fall! One day I would love to teach, but for right now I need to
put my time into school! 

16 responses to “Beyond Reading: Aerial Silks with Katrina

  1. This looks amazing! It's something I've always wanted to try, though I'm not sure if I could do it. Aside from being a former runner (ankle injury keeps me to light jogging only), daily walker, occasionally hiker and doing daily yoga, I don't have any sort of formal training in anything. I may have to see if this is something that'd be possible, though!

  2. OMG this is so amazing! I've always found aerial skills to be really beautiful and while I don't think I'm there yet physically, I would love to try one day. All your pictures are so gorgeous too and it's inspiring to see how hard you've worked at this.

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

  3. Love this! I've always thought aerial silk work was so beautiful. And it's one of those things that is made to look so graceful and effortless that when watching it you almost forget the crazy strength and flexibility it takes. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. This is the probably the best hobby other than reading that I would have never expected you to have. That's some seriously physical stuff and it looks so much fun Katrina. This is such a great guest post! I kind of would love a hobby like this but more in the Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do area.

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