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Blog Ahead officially started yesterday, but you can still sign up! The idea is to schedule out posts for AFTER the month of October, so that by the time we reach November 1, we will have a bit already posted and it won’t be as stressful during the holiday season. I would love to say I have a bunch scheduled for October, but I do not, so I’m going to try and schedule for this month as well as past it!


I’m still looking for people to talk about online friendships. It can be about your own online friendships or just about the topic in general. This post would be in honor of the novella sequel, Another Girl by Allison Burnett, who wrote the first book, Undiscovered Gyrl which was turned into the film Ask Me Anything.

If you have read Undiscovered Gyrl, go ahead and check out Another Girl. If you have not, the film Ask Me Anything gives you what you need to know before reading Another Girl (and Ask Me Anything is on Netflix now!). Despite this, you are welcome to write about the topic without having seen the film or read the books. Whatever you decide, I just ask that you include a link to Another Girl and a bit of information about the book – simply stating the book inspired this post, but you can say you haven’t read it, etc. I do want to note that Another Girl deals with a darker, more mysterious side to online friendships but your stories can be about whatever you want as I know we have had a lot of great experiences!

If you want to help but do not have time or anything to say on online friendships, I would love it if you could mention (somewhere/sometime) Ask Me Anything/Undiscovered Gyrl and Another Girl.

Whatever you decide, please let me know: Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

19 responses to “Blog Ahead + Online Friendship Update

  1. Seeing how my children and our homeschool schedule really gobble up my time, I am not sure I can commit at the moment, but I would be more than willing to share a Guest Post on my blog or a Spotlight even! I'll email you 😉

  2. The posts are sure to be interesting. I wish I could sign up, but I've scaled down a bit on my blog since real life has become too busy for me, but I'm waiting for it to slow down.

  3. I like the idea of blogging ahead and getting ready for the holidays, but it always feels like I am always bumbling that whole aspect of getting ahead. A sequel, how exciting! I have the first book on my reading list!

  4. I'd love to help out if you need any more volunteers Lauren, just give me a shout of you need me. I've made some incredible friends online that have spilled into the 'real' world as well. I think it's mainly because especially through blogging, you find like minded people you already have something in common with. I have three especially that I would consider life long friends beyond blogging and that we share our lives with, not just a love of books.

    Looking forward to seeing the responses Lauren and good luck with Blog Ahead <3 <3

  5. I've gained so many international friends through blogging! And I also found a few people from my own city as well. It's been such a great, positive experience. We all could use friends, in real life and on line. 🙂

  6. I have been blogging ahead for a year or more, and it helps so much to have those blog posts prepped and done in advance as I never knoew when things are going to get busy. I am finishing up my last two posts for October this week, and a good portion of November's reviews are done. Good luck, I hope yo uget way ahead.

  7. I really need to start practicing this one, like seriously! I always write my posts the night before and it can be quite… stressful. Haha. I promise as soon as my personal shit are done, I'll start blogging ahead!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  8. I"ve finally hit the wall on almost everything in social media, and not only because of SM, but because I have so much more going on than usual right now. I'll email what I do about Ask Me Anything etc. And I will do so something. Promise.

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