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First off (since I missed In My Mailbox and Mailbox Monday this week) I want to show off some books that I went and bought myself. Supporting authors is a good thing so whether you get a ton of review books or not, please think about buying something now and then if you have the money!!

As you can see above, my two books are Ballads of Suburbia (look in the left hand sidebar for the special ballads taffy/coupon code and the link to the big giveaway if you buy the book.) My review should be up soon for this…I’ve finished it and it’s amazing. Go and buy it now. I’m just a bit behind on reviews. Anyway, I had to buy an actual copy of this even though I had an ARC because I love Stephanie and this book is just WOW! One of my new favorites for sure. You all need it. Go go go!

Next up, I have Pysch: Mind Over Magic. I recieved a review copy of the first book this past Spring or so and posted my review and then I did a wish-list post about the second one (pictured above). It’s been released and I HAD to have it so I ordered a copy along with Ballads. Both are pretty cheap by the way if you want either of them. I loved the first Psych book…it’s just as mysterious and amusing as the TV show and I’m sure fans of the show who like to read will love this series so definitely check it out. By the way, the new season of Psych and the final season of Monk premiere on August 7th so write that down!


It’s Wednesday, and today is all about the books people are waiting on…my Wednesday is sometimes about my Wish-List and today is the same. This book is already out (I’ve seen it in stores) but it look great and like a fun, interesting, and often-true read. I believe these are all entries from the website, but I can’t be positive. Anyway, it’s called F My Life: It’s Funny, It’s True, Except When it Happens to You. I have a friend that will randomly text me about something that happened and then go FML at the end so when I saw this book I thought of her right away. I really hope to get a copy for her birthday in the next couple months.
What do you all think? Do you use the phrase FML? Have you ever visited the site?

6 responses to “Books I Got/Books I Want!

  1. Alyssa: You must get the first one, and this one but I haven't read it yet…they are so fun. And I know!! I can't wait.

    Diana: Definitely. 🙂

    Briana: Believe me. It's amazing. You must get a copy and check it out.

    Lizzy: Yes! Definitely! I'm realizing not a lot of people know about the books, which is a bummer…because they are great fun.


  2. I'm definitely picking up Ballads of Suburbia. It's not yet at my bookstore, and if it's not here next week, I'm just going to order it online.

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