Creative Work Spaces: What I Would Love

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The company WeWork is a coworking company based out of NYC that offers shared office space in cities all over the world! They’re curious to learn more about what people look for in an ideal workspace. 

One of my jobs allows me an office, but I share it with a permanent member of staff and therefore there isn’t really anything in there that shows off my signature style or taste. I do have a set area where I work at home, but again, it’s not its own office and I tend to have random books and notes surrounding me. Therefore, I thought I’d discuss a dream office instead of what I currently have!

I took to Pinterest in order to see what others have done and what I would like:

Eclectic Home Office

Okay, I just really love the lights above this desk. Plus, the chair looks really comfortable. If I’m going to be writing on the computer a lot, I need a comfortable chair!
Martha Stewart shares this really awesome chalkboard paint monthly planner. How awesome would it be to keep your calendar on the wall? I’m always writing myself notes and leaving them around the house so I’ll see them and remember! I even have a post-it note tab open on my computer to remind me of things to do on the computer. This chalkboard would be so awesome to have in a home office!
And now, since I’m a total bookworm, here are some things I would love to have in my office:
This chair would be fantastic! I love the little light next to it too – perfect for hanging out and reading. Of course, your office can be more than just a work space. Plus, I could always sit here and use my laptop. Win-Win!

Finally, I would love this book rug! I don’t know if it’s comfortable or not, but it would be such a fun addition to any room. I’d love to have it in my home office some day!
Let’s turn it to you: Would you want any of these items in your personal office space? Do you already have a cool office? Do share!

17 responses to “Creative Work Spaces: What I Would Love

  1. That chair Lauren! Ohh, I want one too! Any workplace that allows employees to customise their workspace has a huge thumbs up from me. I have a library / study at home which one wall is basically floor to ceiling bookshelves, a desk on one side with a PC and widescreen set up in there. I'd love to get some fairy lights draped across the shelves in there, but would worry about them being a fire hazard with all that paper! That book rug, is that made from old book spines? Just amazing what people can do with a little creativity. Thanks for sharing Lauren, loved it! <3

  2. Oh my goodness there are elements of the first two pictures which when combined together would form my perfect workspace. Love the fairy lights and chair (picture 1) and the calendar, lamp and desk, the grey walls (picture 2).

  3. Oh I love this! That chair at the bottom is awesome. And I love that chalkboard calendar! I like an office that is comfortable and shows your personality for sure.

  4. What fun ideas and I have no idea why but this post reminded me that I never did get around to watching that movie and writing something about it. I'm terrible. I'm so sorry! I have been super crazy busy with school being back in. I apologize Lauren! πŸ™

  5. What a fun post. I love the look of that chair, totally right for a bookworm and that rug is fantastic. My requirements are a window, lots of light and comfortable chairs that I can curl up in. I want to go up and vamp out my space.

  6. That book rug looks awesome! I have an office at work, and though I don't really share it with anyone, it looks kind of pathetic. Those desks though…Love it! Love this post. πŸ™‚

  7. I would love to have my own workspace when the time comes, hopefully in the next 2-3 years when the house my fiancΓ© is having built is done. But these pictures are soooo soooo sooo pretty. I want my workspace to be exactly like the first one, maybe a little bit larger and some bookshelves against one wall so it can be my backdrop for when I vlog πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    Faye at The Social Potato

  8. I want to have ALL these places πŸ™‚ Right now, I have no office, just my room where I go when I have a chance to escape the kids, and hole up at a desk with my laptop. I'd love to have a better "ambience"- I love the brightness especially of those offices- but alas, this is it! Fun post!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

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