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Lauren and Ashley came up with some questions for Danny Smith (vocals, guitar, piano) of The City Drive about touring, their new E.P., writing, and more. The City Drive are based out of Los Angeles, California and have released an album titled Always Moving, Never Stopping and their Egocentral E.P. You can catch them at a couple stops on this years Warped Tour in California at the end of August. Check their myspace for those dates and more!

SSM:For the record, can you state your name(s) and what you do in the band?

Danny: Danny Smith, lead singer/guitar/piano.

SSM: You all have toured with a lot of different bands. Is there a tour or band(s) that you specifically loved? If you could tour with anyone again or for the first time, who would it be?

Danny: We toured with Firescape (featuring Josh Partington from Something Corporate) at the end of 2006 and into 2007 and we partied a lot. I have many great memories from that tour and I really love all those guys. Unfortunately, they broke up, so it probably won’t happen again. In the future, I’d love to tour with Radiohead.

SSM:While you all are on tour, who in the band would you say is the messiest? Are there any neat freaks in the band?

Danny: I consider our van a member of the band and he is always a mess! I am certainly the annoying neat freak and anyone who knows me would agree.

SSM:Runner was remixed by The Secret Handshake for your Egocentral E.P. How did this come about and why did you pick that particular song? If you could have any of your other songs remixed, who would you like to do it and what song(s)?

Danny: We had played with them before and had some mutual friends. I love the job they did Runner, a song we offered them to remix. It has become one of my favorite songs. I’d like to see Spaceless remixed by Nigel Godrich & Thom Yorke.

SSM:Danny, some of your poetry was published in the book Revolution on Canvas. How did you decide which ones you would include? If you ever had the chance, do you think you would like to release a book of just your own work?

Danny: I submitted over a dozen works and the publishing company chose which ones to include. Out of the three pieces they published over the two volumes, they unwittingly chose two older song lyrics of mine, which I find kind of interesting. I have plans to someday release a humor collection which features works by dozens of friends and has already been compiled. It’s waiting for a publisher. I also dream of releasing a book of my paintings and drawings as well as a book of my tour photos. I really hope all of that happens someday…

SSM: I must say you all do a really good job on keeping in touch with your fans, whether through myspace, email, or in person. Is this an important aspect for the band? Any crazy and/or nice memories you have involving a fan?

Danny: It’s very important to us and we’ll continue to keep in touch for as long as we can. We got lots of crazy emails and lots of nice emails. We appreciate all of them. Keep writing and leaving Myspace comments!

SSM: Are you all currently working on any new songs? What are your plans for a second album?

Danny: We’re currently rehearsing and recording demos for new the songs. I’ve written about 30 good ones, so we’ll see which ones wind up on the second full-length album. I’m really excited about the new stuff which is very different from Always Moving Never Stopping. Our Egocentral EP hints at where we’re headed.

SSM: You have a few video blogs and a podcast on your myspace page. Are you going to continue with any of these? If so, what can people expect from them?

Danny: Yes. Marc and I will be doing more podcasts in some crazy locations. We’ve talked about doing one at Dodger Stadium during a game. I’m also in the middle of editing a video for Behind Closed Doors, a song from our Egocentral EP. It’ll be on our Myspace after we play Warped Tour at the end of August. Stay tuned…


-By Lauren & Ashley

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  1. Anonymous

    “I’m really excited about the new stuff which is very different from Always Moving Never Stopping. Our Egocentral EP hints at where we’re headed”

    Noooooooo!! Egocentral was boring!!! AMNS was amazing!! Why!?!?!

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