David Garrett Review + Giveaway

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David Garrett: Review + Giveaway

Buy: http://www.amazon.com/David-Garrett/dp/B001UW58WW

Review: Can I just say for now that David is completely talented? I mean, really, it’s quite amazing. I never really thought I would enjoy his music as much as I have…perhaps what makes it so fun is because a lot of its so familiar.

You see, David’s music on his album (out in the U.S. now I believe) is full of songs that a lot of people already know, but it’s mixed up and the lyrics are all gone, allowing listeners a chance to see underneath a song. It’s great, believe me.

One song included is from Metallica, “Nothing Else Matters.” When you think of this band you’re probably scratching your head about how this is supposed to work…but it’s great and I loved listening too. It’s a new way to listen to this music and not be yelled at by fellow friends that are freaked out (kidding, unless it’s true)! One word to describe this song? Beautiful

Next up, we have a song for all those pirates out there needing a new theme song. From the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean you get “He’s a Pirate.” This one is upbeat and a lot of fun. It definitely gives off the adventure vibe, so that you can practically see Jack Sparrow guiding his ship.

As the King of Pop himself passed away yesterday, I think it’s very fitting I’ve posted this review today. Another hit on David’s album is a rendition of “Smooth Criminal” which is just as exciting and fun as the actual song, except this time you get to sit back and love the music for what it is without the lyrics attached. A very fitting tribute to Michael Jackson.

Finally, if you’re looking for more of a rock vibe, I’d suggest giving “Thunderstruck” by ACDC a go or if you want a song for everyone in the family, “Ain’t No Sunshine” can’t go wrong.

Give David a shot. You might just like him a lot more than you thought you would. He’s perfect for the whole family, as you can’t complain about a song’s music being too “PG-13” for the kiddies!

David Garrett’s “Smooth Criminal”


I’m excited to say that I can give away one copy of this album to anyone in the U.S. Sorry if you aren’t, but if someone you know lives in the States and can send you your prize if you happen to win then go ahead and enter and it’ll be sent to them!

Enter: Leave a comment with something about David Garrett (please no “enter me” only comments. I love to hear what people have to say)

Open To: U.S. Only!

Ends: Monday, July 6th…so enter enter enter!

Prize: One copy of David’s album

Extra Entry:

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16 responses to “David Garrett Review + Giveaway

  1. OMG! All I had to do was see the violin and I knew I had to give him a try. He's awesome! I'm mean like, Wow! Ok, so maybe I'm already biased to instrumental music but this guy can seriously play! *Oh, darn the music stopped* And he's cute too. lol. Oh I so totally got to have his album now. Count me in all thw way!

    ~Briana 😀

  2. Ok I’ll admit it I’ve never hear of David before *ducks* sorry. But having said that as soon as I say that he played smooth criminal which is one of my favorite songs and nothing else matters I knew it didn’t make any difference because he had already won me over. Then I listened to him playing smooth criminal and he now has a new fan. I went to my libraries site to try and borrow his cd but they don’t have it. Figures! Unfortunately I can’t afford his cd so I am in for an entry in this great giveaway. Please count me in.

  3. Omigosh!!! This is the first time I've ever heard of David Garrett, but I LOVE his take on Smooth Criminal! Wow. And, um, he's hot :). Thanks for sharing.

    ajoywrites at gmail dot com

  4. !!!!!! This is so beyond awesome. I really love his rendition of Smooth Criminal – God, that's amazing. I love violin. So perfect. Definitely a cutie, too. 😉 Ha.

    Would love to win this album and listen to his other songs!

  5. Sounds like an interesting album! I've never heard of David Garrett before, but I'm quite fond of the songs you mentioned in your review. (And S&M taught us just how well Metallica goes with classical instrumentation.)

  6. Wow! He is amazing. I just went and watched several YouTube videos…incredible. My husband was liking his music as well. His classical pieces are magnificent…his pop/rock pieces are spectacular.


  7. I'm impressed by anyone who can play the violin, and I like the sound of David Garrett's music!

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  8. I just discovered this AWESOME TOTALLY HOTTTTTTT guy on Dancing With The Stars! Now I'm obsessed! Didn't even know I liked violin music. 🙂 But he makes it beautiful, majestic, exciting & FUN all at once. And he ain't bad to look at either! WOW!!!

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