Keep It Together: Fall Bucket List + Planning for the Holidays!

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It’s time to share all things planning, scrapbooking, memory keeping, with the awesome Alexandra and Rebecca Jo! Link up with us below.

Keep It Together (September 2020): Fall Bucket List

I’m a little early in posting, but Leslie and other bloggers will be sharing their Fall 2020 Bucket Lists on Monday, so feel free to join in! I actually started listing my bucket list items in my planner, but I’m a slacker and I didn’t finish that up and get photos – so you’ll have to wait to see that! However, I can still give you my list!

  1. Eat a caramel apple
  2. Have some sort of Halloween movie night
  3. Put together birthday and anniversary gifts that take place in the Fall
  4. Go to the park
  5. Start dance class again
  6. Read two mysteries/thrillers from Book of the Month
  7. Attend an outdoor Fall or Halloween event
  8. Watch the second season of Dead to Me on Netflix

That’s about it for me. I’m sure I’ll do some other fun Fall/Halloween themed things, because it’s my favorite time of the year, but I don’t want to have too long of a list! I’ll be sure to share any and all things I do though, of course!

What’s on your Fall bucket list? Even with COVID, I hope you can find some fun things to do, read, eat, enjoy!

Planning…Stocking Stuffer Posts!

I’m really trying to plan ahead on the blog so I’m not doing everything so last minute. Of course, it doesn’t always happen, but I am getting some things scheduled. It might still be September, but I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas and the holidays. I notice every year that blogs tend to have gift guides and present ideas so close to the actual holidays – when are you supposed to get these items or implement these ideas? Therefore, I really want to focus on the holidays in November and that includes gifts!

I love the idea of stocking stuffers. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to appreciate a good stocking stuffer gift – basically anything small enough to fit in a standard stocking! These make great gifts for co-workers, friends, teachers, and even family members. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s cheap! We’re getting closer and closer to October, so I want to get some of these posts figured out soon.

That’s where YOU come in:

  1. What type of stocking stuffers do you love to give and/or recieve?
  2. Who could you use stocking stuffer gift ideas for this year?
  3. Do you sell anything that would be considered a stocking stuffer, and if so, are you interested in working with me? (profile, review, giveaway, etc. – I’m open to ideas!)

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29 responses to “Keep It Together: Fall Bucket List + Planning for the Holidays!

  1. I love the bucket list. 🙂 I haven’t had a caramel apple in too long. Have you tried Netflix Party? I’ve done that a few times with friends and it works well. We usually facetime after since it just has a chat function.

    We LOVE stockings. I think it can be tough though because good stocking stuffers can be expensive and cut into your overall gift budget. I’m not a fan of using cheapie stuff that won’t last/we won’t use. I have started doing witch portraits via IG, but those will be out of season by Xmas. Unless someone is spooky year round (which I love!). I’ve been thinking about selling other things, but haven’t figured it all out yet. 🙂


    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • shooting

      Well, if you decide on something else to offer for the Christmas season, let me know! I’d love to help spread the word. And yeah, stocking gifts are fun, but you definitely have to be careful on how much you spend. Unless you’re ONLY giving a stocking full of gifts, which I’ve done before. LOL And I’ve used Netflix Party twice with the same friend and it’s fun. I need to do it more often.

  2. Great bucket list! I always mean to do more Halloween related things when October comes around, but somehow I never end up doing them! I may have to try and have some sort of Halloween movie night too this year. I definitely want to start reading a few spooky books soon to get in that fall/Halloween spirit!

  3. I might have to borrow the candy apple idea for my bucket list. Except my teeth are in such bad shape lately that I might really get in trouble eating one.

    We just checked today and our pumpkin patch is open!! Oh, yeah. So glad that maybe we might have a taste of normal fall. Sounds like you are hopeful to be able to do some outdoor fall activity, too. Hurray for returning to dance class. We keep driving past the gym and counting the cars in the parking lot but haven’t gone in Not sure we are ready yet.
    Love the stocking stuffer idea. I usually put Bath and Body Works stuff in stockings for my family. Wallflowers, plugins, the cute little car fragrance holders and fragrance oil, lotions, bath gels, etc.
    Thanks for the mention and for joining me with your bucket list!!

    • shooting

      You can always slice a caramel apple too if that’s easier on the teeth! I know I have a tough time getting the first bite in sometimes. lol Thanks for sharing your stocking stuffer ideas.

  4. Well! You certainly have me thinking what would be on my Bucket List this autumn. A Halloween not too scary film night sounds good.

    As to what type of stocking stuffers do you love to give and/or recieve? I love to give and receive quirky gifts that aren’t mass produced. For children I quite like to give traditional gifts of the kind I got as a girl; things like a wooden yo-yo, a packet of Snap cards, things like that. For myself a small jar candle is always welcome as is some nicely scented hand cream or a cute tube of lip salve and given Covid some nice smelling hand sanitiser that’s gentle on skin would make a great gift as would an unusually patterned mask.

    Felicity Grace Terry recently posted: VICTORIAN SONGLIGHT.
  5. Dead To Me is such a great show, and perfect for the season! Having a themed movie night is on my list as well, and of course reading some thrillers/mysteries. I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas yet, but usually candy, socks, maybe a lip balm or bath item- just small things.

  6. Love the fall bucket list! I definitely hope to get some Halloween and fall themed activities in this year as well.

    I lvoe the idea of stocking stuffers, though we don’t really do that in our family. We do have a similar tradition, where everyone gets some smaller gifts like pens or mini soaps or erasers or little toys, and then we put all our little gifts in a bag and let the kids walk around with them to have everyone in the family take one out. And of course the kids themselves take a gift as well, since they really enjoy this activity the most and it’s mostly for their benefit 🙂

  7. You havent watched season 2 of Dead to Me?????? So fun! I watched it all the first day it was out. Love that show
    I cant wait to see what ideas you get for stocking stuffers. I love those little things to add onto gifts or gift to people

  8. Jen

    I think Halloween is at home this year and I am working hard to come up with some plan for what to do. I think caramel apple eating will need to happen for sure!

  9. I love caramel apple with nutss. I joined leslie in the bucket list blog hop too and I’m glad I did. I also want to read more…both fiction and non fiction.

    Stocking stuffers…..I love gift cards…I know…cheesy, but also love to give/get chapsticks, local artisan items…earrings, lotions, for the guys pepperoni sticks, etc.

    My hubby is hard to buy stocking stuffers for.

  10. I need to come up with a few fun things to do this fall! We are getting some lovely fall weather all week here, I’m so excited. Now you have me craving caramel apples! Yum! I need to start thinking about Christmas, too! I hate when it creeps up on me.


  11. I tried to make caramel apples & the caramel slides off. The recipe even called for sanding the apple with sand paper. I put a movie on my Fall Bucket List. I’m not a fan of scary movies & I always enjoyed watching the Adams Family as a kid. I saw that the Adams Family movie was on Netflix, so I thought I would give it a watch.

  12. I cannot remember the last time I had a caramel apple – but it sure sounds like a good idea! I would be happy with the caramel dip they sell next to the apples every year in the grocery. Not quite as messy – but just as good of an idea!!

  13. Your list sounds perfect, Lauren. I love a good caramel apple! My husband and I really enjoyed Dead to Me. And, of course, on movie night! As for stocking stuffers, I always struggle a little with that. We have 10 grandchildren (ages 11-20), and we do stockings for each of them. I’m afraid I don’t have any great ideas, but I’ll be watching your blog hoping to get some! In the meantime, happy fall!

  14. I hope to make some caramel apples this year! I just love all the different types of chocolate and candy ones our local orchards have been mixing up but think it would be great to try making our own with each person’s favorite toppings. My kids tend to get practical things in their stockings like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. and a few fun things thrown in like a favorite paperback or mix of hot cocoa, a jar of mini marshmallows, etc.

  15. I’ve got to read at least one of the books I got from Book of the Month club. I was in it for several months, and have yet to read a single one of them. Oops! I love stocking stuffers. My mom is always great with those at Christmas. Even still as adults we get stuff. Usually it is the usual Christmas candy, but also now it is gift cards and maybe cute little sewing kits or a tire air pressure check thing for keeping in our cars.

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