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Francia Raisa
Interview by: Lauren

Picture from: Her Myspace, I take no credit!

I was invited to to participate in a conference call with actress Francia Raisa the other day, and it went very well. Francia was a pleasure to talk too and hopefully everyone will check her out as Adrian Lee on the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. You can catch new episodes at 8/7C on ABC Family.

Lauren:I was wondering, for the character Adrian Lee did you put a certain amount of your actual self or people that you knew into the role or did you just kind of try to make her her own specific person?

F. Raisa:It’s funny, because every time I run into people from high school I always tell them; because I went to Alemany High School and I always say, “Wow, did that school help me a lot with my character,” because I knew a lot of people similar to Adrian and then I did put myself a little into her. I mean I feel like in every character we put a little of ourselves into it, so that helped me a lot.

Lauren: For the show in general where do you think you see it kind of going for your character or just the show?

F. Raisa:I see her, hopefully, getting together with Ricky and finally being happy and seeing her family get together and her having a change of heart of how she’s living her life and the way she’s acting.

Lauren:I read that you were going to be in a film (A Soul Disowned), but I haven’t really heard much about it, so do you know when it will be released or anything about that?

F. Raisa:Girl, I have no idea. I just finished it in August. They’re probably editing and doing everything right now, so I have no word because they’re all in Spain, so we’ll see.

That’s cool. On our site, we talk about music and books a lot, so is there anything that you’re personally a fan of at the moment that you think people should check out?

F. Raisa:Well, as far as books, I’ve always been a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird. I love that book, so please check it out. It’s a great book. Music and stuff, I’m really into hip-hop and R&B. R&B is like my favorite.

Lauren: Well, I know for the show they usually have different directors for the episodes, but I was wondering if you could work with a certain director or have somebody guest star on the show who would you like to be involved with with that?

F. Raisa:I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want Steven Spielberg directing, right? So that’s one.

Lauren: True.

F. Raisa:As a guest star, I mean if I could have Johnny Depp on there, I mean hello, but actually, I would really like to see Jason Priestly guest star on it. He directed and like I said, I really enjoyed working with him, but guest starring, I think that’d be really interesting, especially it would have been nice if he played someone’s dad. I don’t know.

That would be very cool. I was wondering for any future work if there’s anything specific that you wanted to go into, like a certain kind of genre for film or something different?

F. Raisa:I mean in the future I, obviously, definitely want to do a dance film or something involving martial arts, but I really like where I’m going right now as far as hitting teenagers and setting an example for them and stuff like that. So films like Thirteen or so I would love to do.

Just like with the Drew Seeley interview, this is not the whole conference, but simply the questions that I personally asked Francia. If you want everything, let me know and leave your email in the comments or email me at Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com and I’ll send it off to you. If you were one of the people who left me questions for Francia, you might want to see the whole thing, because some other people asked a few questions that I had in mind at the beginning.

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  1. I’d love to see the transcripts for both Francia and Drew 🙂


    I have a fansite for the show: secretlifesource[dot]com

  2. Erin: No problem. I’ll send that to you in just a second.

    Michelle: Oh, how cool! Feel free to post the interview if you like…just include our link if you do! 🙂

    Shalonda: Aw, thanks. It was really nothing I did, but it was a ton of fun and she’s definitely a very friendly girl.


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