Geek Display Review: Funko Pop Shelves

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Way to display Funko Pops

I think Funko Pops are the cutest things, but it’s hard to figure out where to keep them all. I have most of them on my bookcase, but I know as I grow my collection, I’m going to need to find other places to keep them. This is especially true for the Harry Potter Funko Pops are there are tons available and I have very few them…so far!

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Therefore, I was really excited when I came across Display Geek on Etsy and when I reached out about featuring their shop, I was offered the opportunity to review the Harry Potter Funko Pop Display Shelf. You guys…this is such a clever idea, and I love it!

Display Geek Funko Pop Shelf

Everything is shipped collapsed, if you will, so you are tasked with putting the shelves together. My family helped me with this, but it was easy to do. My mom likened it to putting a cardboard box together. Once you have the shelves ready to go, then you can add the backgrounds. I’ll share closer looks at each level below, but for now, you can see that there are three backgrounds. I chose where I wanted each one and then there were long magnets included that connected each side of the image to the side of the shelf; the finished look of the background is a bit curved, if you will, coming up to the ends of the box. I like the look and I think the backgrounds are cool looking, though the middle one is definitely my favorite (floating candles in the Great Hall).

The top shelf is where I put the book cover background. I thought having that first would be a nice touch, since it’s where the world of Harry Potter starts…in the pages of a book.

As I mentioned above, the middle shelf is where I put the great hall/floating candles background. I just really like the look of this one!

Finally, I put the Hogwarts House emblems background at the very bottom. As you can see from the various photos, I only have two larger Harry Potter funkos. I have a couple keychain versions, but those are still on my bookshelf. I, obviously, need many more, but I think you get the idea of what it will look like with Funko Pops in front of the various backgrounds. You could even put certain characters in front of their house at the bottom – one of the Golden trio for Gryffindor, Luna for Ravenclaw, Newt Scamander for Hufflepuff, Draco for Slytherin etc.

My one complaint would be that some of the backgrounds are coming undone here and there, but the magnets holding them stick to the display shelves, so for now, it’s been easy to just push them back in place. This only seems to be happening with the top background, but I figure if it no longer wants to stick in the future, I can always utilize some hot glue or something to make it permanently stay. Nothing too worrisome, but I want to be honest in my reviews!

If you’re curious about getting your own Funko Pop Display, please do check out Display Geek on Etsy. They donate $1 for every sale to the Cancer Research Institute – so it’s supporting a good cause! Interested in following on social media? Display Geek can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What do you think? Would you use one of these shelves for your Funko Pops?

38 responses to “Geek Display Review: Funko Pop Shelves

  1. That’s so cute, it’s like a little scene you can play with! I have some Disney vinymations which are kind of similar and I recently put them all in a glass jar that says Dream on it and I kind of love it!

  2. Okay that is really really cool. I’m not a Funko collector but I can definitely recognize the handiness of the display shelf. I have two Funkos (Star Wars ones – BB-8 and Porg) so I’d probably be more interested in a Star Wars display shelf than Harry Potter, if that were a thing. I like the idea!

    Have a great week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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  3. What a cute idea! We have a ton of Funko’s too and they look so….undone on their shelves but with these they look so complete! I may just have to check them out!

  4. I…need…everything…here! I have a Harry Potter spot where my collection sits but I do not have any Funko Pops yet, even though I want them ALL. Such a cool way to display your goods. 🙂

  5. That’s an awesome display, and I wish I’d known about this shop before I purchased a cheapie one from Amazon! I love the backgrounds on yours. My gf has a massive POP collection so they didn’t all fit in the display I purchased. She has a lot of the Star Wars and DC ones, so I’m going to look into getting either a full display or just the backgrounds from this shop. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m not a HP fan, but that is a cool way to display Funko Pops! Mine are a bit all over the place, each category with its appropriate section. For example, I have manga/anime pops in my manga bookshelf, movie pops are near the TV, then there’s Trinity (from Matrix), which is positioned next to my phone, haha!

  7. This would be fun to just make on my own but I like the inspiration. I probably would do four floors with the background being each of the house’s dorm rooms. That’s great that they donate a dollar to charity (:

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