Gift Guide- Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

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Gift Guide for Men
This is a general list, focusing on teens and adult males. If you want more specific ideas, let me know!

Man Cans Candlesvisit the site

Each candle is $9.50 and there is a variety to choose from (you can see 3 in the photo above). I think I’d really like the Fresh Cut Grass the best! I think this would make a nice gift for that bachelor you know. They need to keep the apartment/house refreshed, right? Even if the scent is Bacon

Man Cratesvisit the site

These are a bit more pricey, but the crates do vary in exact price, so you can hopefully find something of interest and that fits your budget. I love that each crate comes with a crow bar to open! Honestly, some of these crates would be fun for girls too though…I mean, I know my sister would love this NFL Grilling Kit since she loves football and grilling. But my brother would also like it!

Man Tinget from Amazon UK

Girls have plenty of boxes and treasure chests full of their belongings, but what about the guys? Well, now those of you in the U.K. can get the guys in your life the Man Tin. It’s less than ten pounds, which is always great! Amazon UK even suggests filling the tin with some of the guy’s favorite things, which I LOVE! It makes it even more personable and wouldn’t cost too much if you focus on small items like a favorite candy bar, etc.

Comic Photo Frame

Buy in the UK
Buy in the US

PrezzyBox says: Simply add your photos to the frame and youโ€™ll be able to look back on those memories forever. But thereโ€™s so much more to this frame. Add your own humorous twist with the re-usable speech bubbles and pen.

I love this idea! I think it would be perfect for teens/guys in their twenties. It’s reusable, creative, and allows the recipient’s inner comic book dreams to come true!

Repurposed Coin Guitar Picksget from Uncommon Goods

Two quarters are $20 and two dollars are $25. I love this idea. It’s not too expensive, and it’s certainly unique. Do you have a guitar player in your life that could use something a bit different for a change? Check these out!

Steampunk Men’s Leather Wrist Watch – get from the etsy shop Watch Graceful

I think this watch is amazing! It would be perfect for any steampunk fans, but really, most handy-man guys would probably enjoy this one! You can get it now for $28.99 and guess what?! Shipping to a lot of countries is only $5.99 (that means those of you in the U.S., U.K, Germany, and more!)

Alright, that’s 6 gifts to get you started on your upcoming shopping trips for the guys in your life! If you want a more specific list for men, please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, you can email me and I’ll help you with a set person you know!

16 responses to “Gift Guide- Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

  1. I LOVE that steampunk wristwatch. I kind of want to buy myself one now! Those man candles are a great idea too. Thanks for sharing, as always. I always find buying gifts for guys the most difficult. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I saw the comic photo frame at a gift shop and I think I'm going to get that for my nieces and nephews. They could have a lot of fun with that ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great ideas

  3. I like the comic book frame and the watch! The guitar picks are also cool, but pricey for picks. And I can't see coins being a good weight for it . . .

  4. Hahaha, I adore those crates, I think they're the cutest thing ever. I'd buy my boyfriend one, but he isn't one to keep bolts around the house.
    I'm not sure about the bacon scented candle! Freshly cut grass sure, but bacon, that would make me hungry around the clock.

  5. I have a son and his room could use one of those candles. Not sure about the bacon scent one, though. Lol! The man tin is also a great idea, although, I feel I could use one, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great finds! I love the watch, guitar picks and comic strip picture frame in particular. I'm going to have to think about some of these items for xmas!

  7. I love the watch but my hubby would never be able to figure out what time it is. He can't wear watches anyway, they break immediately on him.
    The guitar picks are a great idea, but he loses his so quickly I'm not sure it's worth the money.
    The photo frame is awesome! And the man tin is PERFECT! Love this!

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