Giveaway: The Demon’s Lexicon

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The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

Summary: I can’t find one for this book and I don’t know why! Well, not an official one at least…but it’s amazing. Two brothers on the run. Alan wants to keep his mum safe, but Nick could care less and knows she’s the reason they are running in the first place and why his dad had to die. Two friends, Mae and Jamie, get wrapped up their world as they all try to stay hidden from the magician’s and the demons they have summoned to get them.

That’s all I can think to say at the moment but OMG, this book is amazing. I’m almost finished and will have a full review up in a few days at least (I’m hoping, as I have a few older reviews I need to get posted too). Anyway, now it’s time for you to win a copy.

Thank you to Sarah for sending me a copy to read/review and giveaway in honor of the YA Book Carnival and I think it’s fitting she’s last to go! I hope you all enjoyed the carnival and thanks for all the new followers. I hope to see you around. On non-contest posts, I LOVE to comment back so keep checking and talking. 🙂


To Enter: Who is your favorite villian of all time? (from books, movies, TV, etc.)

Open To: U.S. Only

Ends: August 31 (you have plenty of time, so please enter and spread the word)
yes, this was extended!
Prize: One Signed FINISHED copy of The Demon’s Lexicon

If You Don’t Win: BUY THE BOOK! You won’t regret it.

Another Chance to Win

Go Here to enter Sarah’s contest for a copy and some swag. If you say you are from the YA Book Carnival, you get two entries so double your chances to win this amazing book (and I’m not even finished…but believe me, I’m loving it)


+ 1-follow the blog or say you already follow (please leave a NEW comment if you do this)

+1 post about this contest somewhere and let me know (please leave a NEW comment if you do this)

That means if you do everything to enter, you should have THREE comments. Please do this or I might miss an entry.

157 responses to “Giveaway: The Demon’s Lexicon

  1. Sure, why not, I'll sign up. 🙂 Favorite villain…probably Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter. I know, that's not real original, but man she was scarier than Voldemort!

    The guy with no eyebrows from Lost Highway rocked, too.

  2. Favorite villain of all time….Madam DeFarge from A Tale of Two Cities. She just never fails to creep me out with her ceaseless knitting and her quest for vengeance.

  3. Oh, I am definitely entering this contest for sure. My favorite villain of all time is still Iago from Shakespeare's Othello, which I read in 9th grade. He so perfectly manipulates Othello and the others into their downfall that it's incredible, even if he IS the bad guy!

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  4. I would have to say the Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings. Although they were servants of Sauron, they frightened me more than Sauron.

  5. My immediate thoughts were split when I read "favorite villain." Hans Gruber from the original Die Hard movie and Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books popped into my mind at almost exactly the same time. Obviously this means that Alan Rickman (the actor who plays both in the movies) is my favorite villain of all time. I think it's something about the voice…


  6. My favorite villian – the first one to come to mind is The Wicked Witch of the West. She totally freaked me out when I was a kid. And her flying monkeys. Yikes!


  7. Gotta go with the classic villain, Sauron.

    This looks like a good book, please enter me into this drawing.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  8. My favorite villain would have to be…Sweeny Todd. If that counts. I'm a huge Tim Butron and Johnny Depp fan!

    Thanks for holding this contest, this book looks great!

  9. Bei

    My favorite villain is The Other Mother from Coraline. She freaked me out so much with her soul sucking ways and button eyes!

  10. 21

    Ooh, I'd love to win this! If I enter enough contests, I'm bound win something, right?
    Fave villain of all time: the Troll Queen from East by Edith Pattou or the Witch King from LOTR.

    zombiegirrrl21 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. My favorite villian of all time is Voldemort because when I was 13 and reading HP & GoF I stayed up all night to finish the book and because I was too scared to go to sleep. No other villian has ever kept me up.

    Sara M
    silentalibis AT yahoo DOT com

  12. I actually have never though of who my favorite villian is so this is kind of hard….mmmm… i would have to say Valentine from the moral instruments.

  13. My fave villain of all time Mrs. Hannigan from Annie! She's not a technical villain, but she's pretty darn evil. Not to mention hilarious. If I could play any part in a play I would pick that role!

  14. Hailey

    I posted this on my myspace

    (I would give the link but my account is private so nobody would see it anyway)

    (I know you probably meant on my blog or whatever but i only signed up today and dont know how to do anything)

  15. Favorite villain is Voldemort, hands down. He's just so creepy and he keeps on coming back. Plus he has a thing for snakes.


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