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Welcome to the March 2018 edition of Glossies Made Me Do It – what have magazines made you do lately? Link up with me and Ashley below!

In the March 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan (Mandy Moore is on the cover), you will find their Best Month Ever: March section in the beginning of the magazine. Here, you can find out about movies to see, shows to watch, products to check out, and more. I ended up watching one of the movies recommended, as well as the pilot episode of a TV show. What did I think?

Number 4 on the list is Good Girls, which premiered this past Monday night. It stars Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman (who I love) who are all moms who desperately need money for one reason or another. Therefore, they decide to rob the store where one of them works. While they make it out with the money, it can’t be that easy. Otherwise, where’s the show? I thought the show would be more of a comedy, but I probably should have realized that for an hour long show it would definitely lean more toward drama. I think there is a mix of the two, but the pilot definitely had a bit more drama than comedic moments.

I’m curious about future episodes, but it’s also Mondays at 10 p.m. which is when I watch The Good Doctor, and if you know me, I don’t do well when keeping up with shows, so I can see myself easily getting behind on Good Girls. We’ll see though – I’d like to see a couple more episodes at least!

Did you watch the pilot? Will you?

Number 13 on the list is actually part of a whole section about upcoming films to see. This movie is called When We First Met and it’s on Netflix now. I spent an evening watching movies with a friend this past Saturday and we watched this romantic, Groundhog Day-esque film. I was immediately intrigued because it stars Adam Devine, who I find hilarious…he’s in the Pitch Perfect films if you’ve seen those! It also stars Alexandra Daddario, who is Annabeth in the Percy Jackson films. I actually didn’t realize this was her until my friend pointed it out. It’s fun to see her grown up and in something different!

When We First Met is a fun romantic comedy. Adam’s character is in love with Alexandra’s, but she’s marrying someone else. He keeps going back to the night they first meet, trying to change what happens so that they will end up together in the present. It doesn’t take long (or it didn’t for my friend and I) to figure out how this movie is going to end…but that’s pretty typical of most romantic comedies, so it didn’t lessen the enjoyment. I’d definitely recommend if this interests you! Plus, it’s on Netflix…you don’t even have to leave the house!

What do you think? Have you seen this movie – would you?


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35 responses to “Glossies Made Me Watch – Good Girls + When We First Met

  1. I’m pretty much the same Lauren, I never keep up with most shows. The only one I never miss is The Walking Dead. When We First Met sounds super cute, it’s been forever since I seen a good romantic comedy. Thanks for sharing Lauren, looking forward to your next glossies instalment <3 <3

  2. RO

    I wanted to see Good Girls so I had to DVR it, because like you, I’m hooked on The Good Doctor, which is pretty amazing. Love Mandy Moore too! Happy Friday and Hugs…RO

  3. The Night We First Met sounds sooo cute! Kind of a Ground Hog Day situation and I love that. I have watched shows and movies based off of magazine recommendations, too. Thanks for putting the movie on my radar because I rarely watch shows anymore and I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise. Great post, Lauren! 🙂

  4. I do want to check out Good Girls because I love all three of those actresses, but I will say I was hoping for more comedy and less drama with it, so I guess I’ll have to decided after I check out the pilot if it will be worth it for me!

  5. I love the cast of Good Girls, I assumed it was a comedy (because Retta) but I’m in for a good drama too. I just finished binge watching Nurse Jackie after seeing everyone everywhere recommend it for so long. It lived up to the hype!

  6. Adam Devine is hilarious and adorable. I haven’t heard of this movie before, but I’m always down for a romantic comedy, and even better that it has a Groundhog Day feel to it AND that it’s on Netflix. Score!

    I haven’t heard of that show before, but I have a hard time picking up new ones. Will look for it though in any event–sounds interesting! Hope you are enjoying the weekend, momma! XOXO

  7. I keep seeing that movie on Netflix, and now I really want to watch it. I haven’t yet watched Good Girls, but the previews looked pretty good. I’ll probably check it out on Hulu. Thanks for your great review!

  8. Jen

    I can’t keep up with shows as they come out, that is why I need Netflix, Amazon and Hulu so I can binge at a later date!

  9. The hubs is going out of town to work for 6 weeks so I will check these shows out while I have total control of the remote!!!

    Hope your link-up will be open for awhile. I was thinking of your Glossies Made Me… posts this morning. Almost bought a glossy! Will get one tomorrow to read on the plane as I travel to see my mom.

  10. Good Girls looks like a funny show, I’m surprised to hear it has more drama. It reminds me of Mad Money with Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton & Katie Holmes. That movie was funny, but I wondered how it would translate to a series.

    Morgan recently posted: More Wine Please !

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