Graphic Novel Series Review: Saga

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Saga Graphic Novel Series (Vol. 1-5) 

Review by Lauren

Source: all copies were read via the library; all opinions are my own

Official Summary of Overall SeriesSaga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, published monthly by Image Comics. The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars, and based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent. It depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series. 

Review: I read the first two volumes of Saga last year but I never reviewed them. Just recently, I read volumes 3-5 and as those are the final volumes for now, I thought it was about time that I shared my thoughts. This review won’t really go into details about the series because 1. it’s a bit hard to explain some things and 2. I really don’t want to ruin or spoil the series for you!

Now, I can say that this is an adult series. There is sex, there is blood, there is bad language. Because it’s a graphic novel, you also get illustrations to go along with it. This doesn’t bother me, but if you’re worried, try skimming some pages at the library/bookstore. As for the actual story, it’s pretty simple. Alana and Marko are like Romeo and Juliet – except they are running away from both of their planet/moon’s authorities as to not be killed or imprisoned. They should be enemies, not lovers. But alas, they fell in love and had baby Hazel.


There are other characters who journey with our duo, as well as plenty of other characters who are involved or after the couple for one reason or another. Yeah, kind of confusing right? I promise, me explaining more would not make it better. However, that doesn’t mean the books are confusing. If you’re intrigued, you should definitely check them out!

I love how attached you become to these characters and how you want them to survive! There are plenty of characters who have both good and bad in them, or are on the side of the villains, yet are not that evil. People are mixed, even Alana and Marko. Nobody is perfect and despite all the crazy events and the worlds they visit, these characters make it all seem realistic.

20 responses to “Graphic Novel Series Review: Saga

  1. I read the first volume of Saga last year but never continued for some reason. I think I just forgot haha. I did enjoy what I read and want to know more about the plot. It's great to hear the characters aren't simply black and white (in terms of good or evil). That aways makes a story more interesting.

  2. I find that from working in a library myself that these are quite popular and I do love the sound of it so far. I've started to take a break from reading a book and just read a comic or graphic novel in between. Great review, Lauren!

  3. I've only read the first two volumes but really enjoyed those. My library didn't have the next volume so I moved on to other things. It's been ages so I should probably check again. 🙂 I was kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed it because I very rarely ever pick up graphic novels/comics, but this was such a fun story.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  4. I've seen this series around a few times. I like the sound of the starcrossed lovers plot line. I don't think the adult content would bother me, but it is good to know that before starting the series. The artwork looks great and I am glad to hear your got attached to the characetrs and they acted realistic. Great review!

  5. Yay! After hearing so much buzz about these books, I just had to pick them up myself! In fact, I've just picked up book #4 from the library and I can't wait to dig in! I love what you've said here about the characters – how nothing is black and white – because that's one of my favourite things about the series.

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