Happy Unicorn Day: A Huge List of Unicorn Products!

Posted April 9, 2018 by shooting in Beauty, Fashion / 40 Comments

Unicorn themed gifts
Today, April 9th, is Unicorn Day! Unicorns have really gained in popularity lately, so I thought I would share some of the many, many unicorn themed items that you can buy. There are hair brushes, wine glasses, backpacks, and a lot more (keychains, bookmarks, kid’s rocker, popsockets, etc.). You can find all these and more in the widget below. Please check it out, click on the links that interest you, and let me know in the comments your favorite items!
Note: all these photos/links are affiliate links, so I will get a very small percent of any clicks or sales at no extra cost to you!

Shop awayand Happy Unicorn Day! 

40 responses to “Happy Unicorn Day: A Huge List of Unicorn Products!

  1. I had no idea that it was unicorn day and let me tell you, I cannot look anywhere without spotting something unicorn. It’s kind of awesome. i know that Beth’s mind is probably exploding right now!

  2. How fun is that umbrella?! I’m not a big unicorn person, although I do think they’re fun, but I do think an umbrella like that would make a rainy day more enjoyable for sure!

  3. Ever hear of a muleicorn? It’s a mule version of the unicorn. I coached a soccer team to an undefeated season as the Muleicorns! They players would bray and kick with a finger on their forehead to represent the horn when we scored!

    Awesome day and awesome array, Lauren. We sell a unicorn sprinkler at Target!

  4. My daughter loves unicorns! I’d love that umbrella and the wine glass. I like those leggings, too! My daughter has uniforms at her school, but the girls always wear fun leggings under their skirts and dresses (not sure how that’s ok with the dress code, but so far it has been) and I bet she’d love those unicorn leggings.


  5. I didn’t know unicorn day was a thing, how awesome! Used to love them as a kid, still like them now haha! You can never be too old x

  6. The unicorn hair brush is so so so so cute!!! I find myself picking up a lot of unicorn things for Zoe. Her first birthday party was unicorn themed 🙂

  7. San

    Gah, I had no idea that there was a national unicorn day! I love it. I just recently got a unicorn USB stick for my birthday and I am obsessed with it

  8. Liz

    Haha true story: my high school mascot was a unicorn! So my high school friends and I tend to give each other unicorn themed gifts on occasion ?

  9. Uhm… I’m sorry. ARE THOSE UNICORN LEGGINGS?!?!? OMG, those are adorable. As soon as I saw the title of this post I thought to myself “I hope Beth sees this,” and sure enough, I see she’s commented 🙂 HA! Have a great week, Lauren 🙂

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