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The latest in the six-word memoirs series is for all teens (famous and obscure, as the title says) called I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets. For those of you who want to read it, be on the look out this September…it’s coming out from Harper Collins I believe.

Anyway, like the title above says…I’m in a BOOK (said to the tune of The Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat” of course!) That’s right. That’s right. I’ve been published. Go me! hahaha My six-word memoir is in this book…which I found out because I was sent a review copy and I went searching for myself. I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to be in there, you see, so I was stoked when I came across my name. Because we are teens, they don’t have last names…so I’ll be nice and tell you what mine is:

“I was named after a store”- Lauren B.

So yes, get the book and look for that. If you have a review copy, you can obviously see it now. I know it’s only six words of something I wrote but still, it’s pretty awesome to see that inside an actual book people can buy in an actual store. Right?!

Okay, enough about that. I have another item that I want to mention…I forgot to do this on Tuesday when it was first posted. I was featured on Write for a Reader’s “Because of a Book” feature this week…where I talk about a book from when I was younger that meant a lot to me. I love this book, honestly, so it would be great if more people checked it out. So go and read what I have to say…leave a comment for Shelly (she’s awesome!) and myself of course.


25 responses to “I’m in a BOOK!

  1. That's awesome, I will definitely be buying it when it's out. :]

    I don't know if I'm in it or not, probably not… I got an email from them back in November saying I was a book finalist, asking me a few questions and things and I sent them a picture to go with my memoire, but I don't think it'll be in the book. (Mine was "Fake smiles. Hidden tears. Real laughter.")

  2. Amanda: Thanks, it made me smile.

    Harmony: Aw, thanks! And that's awesome. I think I might have seen Joceylyn's and Tirzahs…not sure though.

    Katie: haha really? That's great. I'm glad it made someone wonder.

    Popin: Yeah, these books are so much fun. Definitely look into the other ones. And thank you.

    Khy: AHH you are! Congrats!

    Lanna: You are! They even have some kind of drawing photo if that's the one you sent. 🙂


  3. H

    Wow. Six words is six words more than I've been published. Is this a sequel? I'm sure I've heard of a book like this before.

  4. Woohoo now you can add published writer to your resume. Pretty cool, congrats.
    Stopping by from the Mommy Files, not going to Blog-Her either, maybe we'll get to meet next year.

  5. Carrie: Thanks so much!

    VV: Right? But thank you.

    Diva: Thanks for stopping by, and perhaps we can! I'm excited to hear about everyone's good time though. And thanks for the congrats.

    H: Yes, they had one before for anyone and then they had a ton of teen submissions so they made one JUST for the teens. There was one about love and relationships too I think…

    Lanna: YES YES!!

    Thao: Aw, thanks!

    Donna: I know, pretty awesome. LOL Thanks.

    Shelly: thanks. 🙂


  6. That is super cool! Who cares if it is 6 words … you are published! Sounds like an interesting concept for a book. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  7. Congratulations! That is so cool! I bet I'd be over the moon if it was only one word by me in a book 😉

    Now I'm off to read over @ Write for a Reader 🙂

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