{Book Review} In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

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In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead

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A group of college friends reunite ten years later at their reunion, except someone is determined to figure out who actually killed one of those friends. Another of their group was accused, but not actually tried and found guilty, but this person knows he didn’t actually do it. Instead, it’s one of the people who showed up for the reunion.

The book follows one of these friends, Jessica Miller, who is desperate for everyone to see her as beautiful and successful. Going back and forth between the present and the past, secrets and betrayals are revealed, bringing us closer and closer to the real culprit.

It seems like everyone had some sort of secret in college, with varying members of the group knowing, though not everyone. Despite this, they can’t imagine any of them actually commiting murder…let alone murdering a friend!

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife was an interesting mystery/thriller. I found parts a bit too slow or uninteresting, but I really liked the book overall. However, I should note that almost none of these characters are likeable, so if that’s a no for you, then I’d skip this one. For me, it was fine!

24 responses to “{Book Review} In My Dreams I Hold a Knife

  1. verushka

    This genuinely sounds like something I would read, but honestly, I do think I need to like someone in the book to be invested. Unless it’s a love-to-hate-everyone kind of book!

  2. The plot reminds me of a Ruth Ware mystery. Her newest “The It Girl” is finally available from my hold list at the library. I do like to have a character I can root for, though, so thanks for warning that this book doesn’t have that.

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