Interview: Harry and the Potters

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Harry and the Potters are one of the first Wizard Rock bands that sing songs about the most awesome wizard ever, Harry Potter.

1. Will you state your name(s) and what you do in the band?

Paul DeGeorge – Harry Year 7 – guitar and vocals

2. How did you come up with the name Harry and the Potters? Was it your first pick for a name?

Paul: We came up with the name first, then started the band. We though it would funny if Harry started a band with his pals and sang songs about hanging out at Hogwarts. But then my brother, Joe, and I decided that we didn’t want to fight over who got to be Harry, so we’re both Harry. And we decided to leave the pals out. So it’s just Harry and Harry.

3. Can you give us a brief history of the band for those who might not know? (What made you get into Wizard Wrock, when did the band first begin, etc.?)

Paul: We played our first show in June 2002 in our parent’s bakyard. About a year later, when the 5th Harry Potter book was coming out, we decided to play some more shows. We played at some bookstores when the book came out and then started booking ourselves in libraries and basements and places like that. We went on our first national tour in 2004 and since 2002, we’ve played well over 400 shows in all 48 contiguous states, a few spots in Canada and even a couple times in the UK and once in the Netherlands.

4. Out of your own songs, which one is your favorite? What song do most of the fans seem to love?

Paul: Save Ginny Weasley is probably the fan favorite. It’s been on our Myspace forever and I think it’s been played like a million times or something. If I had to listen to one of our songs over and over again, I’d probably choose “Phoenix Song.” It’s pretty awesome. Joe spent a few solid months composing and and we worked real hard on the recording. We recorded all sorts of cool stuff like tubular bells and glockenspeil and saxophones and strings. Real fun stuff.

5. You played a show on July 20th in Cambridge , Massachusetts , which as every Harry Potter fan knows, is the night before the release of the seventh book. What was playing that show like? Anything in particular you remember?

Paul: We have no delusions about it. It was, and always will be, the largest show we will ever play. We played to somewhere between 10 and 15,000 people. It was unbelievable. In the back of our minds, it was always our goal to do something special when the last Harry Potter book was released. When we started the band 5 years earlier, we had no idea if we would still be playing when that book came out, but we’re definitely glad that we have made it this far. It was a night we will never forget. To be able to perform before that many people on such a special night was an absolute honor.

6. You went to England this past May to play some shows over there. What was that like? Is there anything different about those shows compared to shows in the U.S. ?

Paul: The shows in England were pretty intense. There wasn’t too much difference in the crowds, although we couldn’t tour with our own soundsystem, so we ended up playing a few more club shows that we would normally do on a tour. We had a blast playing for people though. I just wish they hadn’t stole 2 of my sweaters. One was a Christmas gift from my mom.

7.What is the writing process like for you guys? How do you come up with song ideas?

Paul: If there’s a new book out, we usually discuss certain events or themes that we want to write about. One of us will usually take the lead and then, once the song is drafted out, we’ll collaborate on the arrangement and lyrics. If we’re not focused on writing for a new book, it’s usually much more spontaneous. Sometimes a song idea just pops in there.

8. How many albums do you have out and how can everyone purchase them? Do you have a personal favorite out of them all?

Paul: We have 3 full length albums. We also had two 7″ records, but we just sold out of them, so they’re now out of print. The full lengths can all be purchased either through our website ( or on iTunes.

9. When bands play shows, the fans tend to bring presents and such. What are some things you’ve received?

Paul: We get lots of food, often of the dessert variety. Sometimes we get healty snacks though. That rules. Occasionally people will give us cool books. We’ve gotten lots of cool handmade clothes and accessories (sweaters, scarves, iPod holders) and once we got a Hogwarts toilet seat – just like Fred and George promise to send Ginny in Book 1.

10.Since you’ve been doing this for awhile, you’ve probably been able to experience quite a lot. What are some of your best memories of being in this band?

Paul: The best thing ever has been the friendships that we’ve made through this band. Even after we stop playing as Harry and the Potters, it will still be a huge part of me because it’s been the means by which I’ve met some of my best friends in the world.

11.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has finally been released. What did you think of the book? If you had your own theories, what did you get right and what did you get wrong?

Paul: I’ll let you know after I’ve read it. Haven’t had a chance yet.

12. Now that the last book is out, what are your future plans for the band?

Paul: We’re taking it easy for a bit. Joe’s back in school now. We’ve got a Yule Ball coming up in December. In the spring, we’re planning to release a new single that is accompanied by a plush toy of our mascot, Wandicorn. He’s half-wand, half-unicorn, half-dragon, half-giant squid, half-phoenix, and he even has a flux capacitor. He loves to party.

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