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This U.K. band are one of my favorite new finds in the past few months. Bass player, Matt, lets you know a little more about this Alternative/Emo band. Once you’re finished reading this, check out the band and find some “Sweet Satisfaction” in doing so.
-By Lauren

1.Can you please state your name and what you do in My Takeover Affect?

I’m matt… I’m just the bass player

2.For those that might not know, will you give us a brief history of the band?

My Takeover Affect formed in March 06 since then they have grown into a well established 5 man musical act. There music is built from addictive melodies and guitar lines which stick in your head long after they have left the stage. (Salvo Mag’s Words)

3.Out of your own songs, which one is your favorite?

Alter-Ego for sure. I’ts probably my fave tune because it’s the one that people know the most at our shows. I love it when the crowd are singing right beside you. The energy that song has live is amazing.

4.What can people expect out of one of your shows?

ENERGY! and glow sticks. and technical difficulties =P

5.The cover of the E.P. is all over your myspace and even on t-shirts. Who designed it and does it represent anything in particular?

I designed it. I’m a part time graphic designer so it made sense for me to do it. I guess I wanted a logo that people could get to know. I’ts a sort of mixture of ideas I had for the e.p cover so I thought I would bring them all together. I designed it at the studio whilst recording the e.p. it was freezing and it took me like 8 hours of solid work. my hands almost dropped off =P.

6.If you had to shamelessly promote the band, then why would you tell people to listen to you all?

I normally say. “hey check out my band, i know everyone is in a band… but we are pretty good” then I force a cd down their throat.

7.What are some of the band’s influences and why?

We are influenced by so many other bands and musical styles. I guess it would be more american bands like anberlin, acceptance, the higher and so on.

8.What are some things you’d love to do/experience while in My Takeover Affect?

My main ambition for the band would probably to play a big festival. It’s a whole different feeling and I’d love to hear Robins’ voice echoing accross the hills =P.

9.What is one of the nicest comments you’ve received thus far?

“I like your hair” =P

10.What are some future plans for the band?

Play as many shows as we can and get the name out. We want to record an album and push that as well.

11.Anything else you would like to add? -1+1=2 (thanks =P)

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