Interview: Oh, Hush!

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Oh, Hush!

Oh, Hush! is a newer pop-rock band hailing from…well, we don’t know actually…and the members consist of…okay, we don’t know that either…however, we do know that the music is catchy and fun and a lot of people are digging it, including us! So go and check them out…love the music…and wait until the band decides to tell you who they are!

1. Do you feel that this band is a way for you all too really connect with the fans about just the music?

From the very beginning we’ve made it one of our top priorities to connect with our fans. We try our best to answer every single message and comment we receive on myspace. Whenever we have any kind of major decision to make, we turn it over to our fans and ask them to help us decide! When we need art, we ask our fans to design it and vote for their faves! We’ve given many of our songs away for free to our fans! I know we say that Oh, Hush! is “all about the music” but I think we’re every bit “all about the fans” as well!

2. Are there any plans to release an E.P. or an album in the near future?

LP all the way!! We are working on finishing up the album right now! We had initially hoped to release it in February but we really want to make sure we’ve got all killer and no filler on this album and want to do it right! I won’t give an exact release date yet, but we’re working hard on it!

3. If so, do you plan on releasing the music before or after you reveal your identities?

I can’t say for sure. But if I had to guess, I would imagine we’d release the record and worry about revealing the band later. We haven’t really developed any kind of major plan to reveal the band. I do know that we’d like to do it by playing the opening number at the VMAs in 2008 so we’ll see if we can make that happen 🙂

4. When did you start generating a lot of excitement on your Myspace page? Is there a particular reason why you believe this happened?

We put up a song at the end of July 2007 and almost immediately we started generating excitement on myspace. I think the reasons for the excitement are pretty simple. First and foremost, I think the songs are strong. If the music sucked, no one would care about anything else. So ultimately, it’s about the music. I think the fact that we are very interactive with our fans and involve them in many of our activities as a band also has been a fundamental part of what’s going on.

5. On your Myspace, the location is stated to be Atlanta, Georgia. Is this just a random place you picked to be your location or does member actually live there?

We like to move around the country a whole lot! We’re currently in Cleveland, Ohio! There is some rhyme and reason to the locations we move around to.. but I can’t tell you what that is. Cuz that would take all of the fun out of it!

6. Out of all the songs you’ve released so far, which one do you find to be your favorite? Which one do most of the fans seem to enjoy the most?

My personal fave songs are “My Neighbor Thinks I’m Famous” and “Shh.. I’ve Got A Secret.” “Neighbor” is just a lot of fun! It’s based on some semi-true stories and I had the song title about a year ago and knew that it would eventually make its way into a really fun song!! “Secret” is great because I’m able to sing along with one of the most talented singers I know!! The female vocal part in that song is really amazing!! I’ve never really done a true duet before so that was a lot of fun! The fans seem to be into “Going Down In Style” the most, which of course I really like as well. 🙂 I think that song really captures the vibe of Oh, Hush! and it kind of sums up the whole band in one song.>

7. You seem to do a great job on handling your Myspace page and replying back to people. Is the Myspace handled by one member or various members?

Most of the work is done by one person (and it’s becoming almost a full-time job?!?!). But we do have other people involved in the project help out with various myspace activities. It’s a lot of work but we think it’s one of the most important parts of this band and is worth the time and effort!

8. Are there any plans to play a live show in 2008?

We’re shooting for the VMAs in 2008!!

9. If you could wish on a real shooting star, what would you wish for?

Well since “world peace” is already taken, I think I’d just wish for a year of health and happiness for my family, my friends, my bandmates and myself! Success and money are overrated anyway!

By: Lauren and Keaton

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