Interview: Seven Story Fall

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Seven Story Fall is a rock band from Georgia that show that being young doesn’t mean you have any less talent. To read up on some of their accomplisments so far, look no further!
By: Lauren

1.For the record, what is your name and what do you do in the band?
Wes. I play drums.

2.You have one E.P. currently out called The Art of Fiction. How did you come up with the album title?

The Art of Fiction is basically about people who seem to have a certain personality, then as you get to know them you realize they are the exact opposite of what you expected. I think other members of the band experienced this during certain times of their life.

3.What can people expect from you all in the future?

We are all growing as musicians. It seems as if we continue to keep getting better at writing, playing, etc. I believe we are definitely a band to watch out for in the future because we are young, and we have so many older influences helping us out and teaching us. Its kinda like a puppy…think about teaching him new tricks as he is young and watching him grow into a bigger dog. Get what im sayin?

4.With every member being 17 years old, do you think that affects the band in anyway? Have you ever gotten a bad reception because of it?

It really helps us out a ton. Most people are really impressed by the fact we are so young. However, then some people automatically don’t take us seriously. That can be annoying…but all in all, it’s definitely something that is on our side.

5.You competed for and won a spot to play the Ernie Ball stage on the 2007 Atlanta Warped tour date. What was that experience like? Were there any bands that were particularly welcoming?

Yeah…warped tour had to be one of our best experiences as a band. We met so many new fans and hung out with bands who are huge influences to us.

It was awesome playing on the same stage as My American Heart and having them actually watch us play our set. Another cool band was Mayday Parade. Their drummer was super awesome and he watched us play also. We definitely respect any large band who will take enough time out of their busy day to watch someone they have influenced.

6.What’s the writing process like for the band? Does everyone contribute to the lyrics or is it a certain person?

Lyrics are created by Mike at any time he feels like writing. If he comes home in a good mood, he may decide to write. I don’t think there is a specific process for Mike to write lyrics, he just writes depending on his mood and situation.

The music is a different process. Justin is always playing guitar in his free time. He normally comes up with the basic riff or chorus, then everyone else tries out their part to see if it fits the song.

7.What has been one of your best memories so far of being in the band?

We learned a ton recording with Andy Reilly and Lee March at MUSE productions. They taught us so much about everything involved with music. Warped Tour was also another great experience.

8.If you had the chance to experience anything or go anywhere, what would it be and why?

I think everyone would want to play the entire warped tour on the main stage. That would be a great experience and I think it would really help us expand our fanbase.

9.What are the locals shows like for you guys?

Local Shows are awesome for us. Its great seeing people you know outside of music coming to support you.

10.If you had to make someone a mix tape, what would the first three songs be?

So basically stuff that Im into??? We all have different tastes in music…so Im sure someone else would have said other songs, but here’s my choice.
1 – Mayday Parade – Jaimie All Over
2 – Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue
3 – Saosin – It’s Far Better To Learn

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