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Eric Victorino of Strata
By: Lauren and Braxton

Strata’s vocalist Eric Victorino answers questions about the band and their newest album Strata Presents the End of the World. This Alternative/Rock band hails from Campbell, California, and is definitely a welcome change for those in the music scene that are looking for something a bit different then what the radio is constantly playing.

1. Can you state what your name is and what you do in the band?

Yes I can.

2. The cover art for the new album definitely seems to fit the album title. Can you give us a more in depth look on what the images on the cover are all supposed to be representing?

The artwork is Anne faith Nicholls’ interpretation of the album. We gave her no direction other than to paint what she felt.

3. You basically state on the bands’ myspace that you think more people shouldn’t be afraid to write love songs. Do you think this is an important thing for more people to sing about? What is your idea of a true love song?

90% of the Beatles’ songs are beautiful love songs. I think love is one of the only things in life that really matter and people shouldn’t ignore it in their songwriting.

4. You have also stated that the lyrics for this album are about what life in America is like now. Is this just from your point of view or everyone in the country in general?

Obviously it’s all from my perspective – but I don’t think my point of view is all that unique.

5. Your book and a song on the album are both called Coma Therapy. What’s the meaning behind the title? Is there a reason for the titles being the same?

I think that’s something people can figure out without too much effort if they have both the book and the record…

6. If someone walked up to you and asked you what your music was all about; asked what do you want people to get from it; what would you say?

I’d probably look at them kinda funny for a second – being that they just walked up to me on the street and asked that kind of question… after that awkward silence I would probably just tell them to listen to the music.

7. What was one of the most memorable shows you’ve ever played? What was one of the shows that did not go quite so well?

Last time we played in Cleveland there were people calling us faggots and saying we should go home… that was fun. Gotta love the red states.

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