Jessica Jones: Alias Book Reviews

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Jessica Jones: Alias

Review by Lauren

source: copies from library; all opinions are my own

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Review: You might know the name Jessica Jones from the Netflix TV show. This is how I learned about the ex-super hero too. I haven’t finished the first season yet, but I plan to very soon. However, over Christmas break, I decided to give the graphic novels a shot. They are called Jessica Jones: Alias and there are only four volumes, so if you’re curious, it won’t take you too long.

What I want to point out right away is that these graphic novels are very different from the show. Yes, they are just as dark. Yes, Jessica is an ex-Marvel superhero turned investigator. However, the other Marvel characters play more of a role and Jessica even ends up dating one. Also, Kilgrave doesn’t appear until near the end and while his skills are the same, his looks are…not expected.

That’s about all I’ll say since I don’t want to give away things. Half the fun is discovering all these little details. Despite it being different from the show that I’m currently loving, these are still really good stories. I liked the added addition of the Marvel characters, and I liked hearing about Jessica’s background as the story goes on. The illustrations are done really well, and it’s definitely a graphic novel for adults, which is appreciated. It’s not gratuitous, in the sex or the violence, but the themes are there and the language is definitely there. It all works though.

Would I recommend these? Yes, especially if you already watch and enjoy the show. If you do not, then still give these a shot and maybe you will be inspired to check out the show!

20 responses to “Jessica Jones: Alias Book Reviews

  1. I haven't read these although I know some of the backstory, and I have seen the Netflix show. I'm really looking forward to the Defenders on Netflix, which is going to bring all these characters. Should be fun. 🙂

  2. I haven't seen the show and I don't often read graphic novels but the illustrations look beautiful so I should definitely pick these up! Thanks for putting them on my radar!

  3. Ooo, I'm so glad this graphic novel worked for you!! I am soooo picky about Graphic Novels; I hate when the illustrations are bad but these look great, very classic style! I'll have to check the show out, too. I'm slightly addicted to Marvel-verse at the moment 🙂

    Great review!!!!!!

  4. Huh. Is it bad that I'm not really familiar with Jessica Jones? Then again, I don't have Netflix… *peeks out from under rock* I'm glad you liked this one, and you're liking the show! That's always great when the show (or movie) are decent, compared to the books.

    Great review! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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