Just a Few of My Favorite Things!

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The lovely Charlotte from My Pixie Blog shared her Winter Favorite Things the other day and she made it a link up (it closes next Monday, so join in!) so I decided to go ahead and share some of my own current favorites. Feel free to do your own post, or answer any of these prompts in the comments!

Favorite (Current) Movie

The Greatest Showman. You guys, I’ve seen this movie twice already…in theaters! My mom and friend (who I saw the film with) both really love it too. I’m obsessed with the music and I need the soundtrack PRONTO!

Favorite (New) TV Shows

I’m really bad at watching TV or keeping up with shows. However, I have been keeping up with two shows that debuted in the fall and I love them so much. The first is The Good Doctor (Freddie Highmore deserves all the awards) and the second is Kevin (Probably) Saves the World – Jason Ritter is fantastic, and this show is actually quite humorous!

Favorite Song at the Moment

I’ve already talked about my love for all things Dua Lipa, so I won’t pick one of her songs. Instead, I’m going to share a country song that I love and I’m actually seeing this artist Thursday in concert (he opens for Chris Young, another country act of course).

“What Ifs” by Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina

Favorite Beauty/Fashion Item

Invisibobbles! Guys, I got these as a Christmas gift – by the way, share what you got for Christmas here (I promise I’ll have more posts next week about all the fun things I got). These are super awesome hair ties though. They don’t pull on my hair and give me headaches. They actually hold up my hair all day, and I have really thick hair. Seriously, I get it cut more so that it’s thinned out a ton than actually needing a haircut. I need to get some of the other colors – I have the brown right now.


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So tell me – what are your current favorites? You can use these categories or make up your own!

I also wanted to let you know that the Leave a Mark Auctions are back. You can bid on signed (and/or annotated books) with all money going to help a little boy with big medical bills! Right now you can bid on a signed copy of Eragon by Christopher Paolini and a signed copy of Timekeeper by Tara Sim (I adore this book!) If you aren’t interested – or can’t bid – please, please, please spread the word. It really helps, believe me!

48 responses to “Just a Few of My Favorite Things!

  1. My favorite movie right now is The Last Jedi! My favorite TV shows right now would have to be The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Supergirl. My favorite song of the moment… I haven’t been into anything new but I really like If I Get High by Nothing But Thieves. Makeup? Ha! I don’t really where makeup. I do like lipsticks. There is this really red/plum/wine color I have that’s really pretty. I think it’s from Sephora.

  2. Jen

    I love the greatest Showman! I am taking the kids to see it again this weekend. Seeing it in the theater is such a fantastic experience.

  3. I wanted to watch the good doctor when I saw it advertised but had forgotten about it. I have heard great things about the greatest showman but am not a movie person, husband usually picks and I go along for the popcorn. lol

  4. I really REALLY want to see the Greatest Showman! And funny–Beth just mentioned a song from the soundtrack, so double the reason to go see it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for participating in this! Don’t forget to link up and I loved reading all of your answers!

    PS: I totally need those hair ties. I can’t find any that don’t pull or hurt my head!

  5. I did a favorite things post today too! I NEED to see the Greatest Showman, I’ve been listening to the music and it’s so good! I need to check out these hairties too, while I have short hair, I use them to tie back some of my bigger Lularoe pieces!

  6. I’m currently obsessed with watching two TV Shows: The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies. Both are so good and I definitely recommend them if you haven’t seen them already

  7. Liz

    Hmm with this winter storm in NC I kinda want to snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch Frozen, so I’m going to say that’s my favorite movie right now, ha!

  8. I haven’t seen that movie yet and I really want to now! I haven’t thought about my current favorites to be honest…and the best movie I’ve seen lately is the emoji movie …so….that’s not the best haha!!

  9. Rebecca

    The Greatest Showman and The Good Doctor! Love Love! I saw the Greatest Showman for the 2nd time and it was even better the 2nd time around.

  10. I just heard about the invisibobbles–so fun! My hair is too short now but I’m trying to grow it–and when it was long before I always got headaches when I tried to put it up for too long. I have a lot of hair too. I’ll have to try those!

  11. I saw a little bit of The Good Doctor and thought it looked like a good show. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch an episode all the way through though. Hopefully soon.

  12. I have been LOVING The Good Doctor! Freddie Highmore is definitely going places. Have you checked out Atypical yet on Netflix? After being around so many people on the Autism spectrum growing up, I think itโ€™s nice to see them gettin representation in the media and entertainment industry. Sure itโ€™s all sensationalized, but these two shows in particular have done an amazing job of accurately and truthfully representing those on the spectrum.

  13. Yes, I’ve heard good things about The Greatest Showman. Doubtlessly its another film I’ll wait to see when its out on DVD.

    Thank you for sharing just some of your favourite things.

  14. I’m so very bad at listing favorites, because I always have trouble choosing…. And my favorite new-ish TV show is This is Us… I just love it so much! The switching between the past and the present – the character development – it’s all awesome!
    I don’t watch much TV or movies, though – I mostly just read.
    I love seeing other people’s faves, though and I’ll check out your fave music for sure!

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted: Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts #143 โ€“ About That Kiss
    • shooting

      I’m like you – I don’t really watch a ton of TV. I have been going to the movies more, but that’s hit or miss sometimes. LOL

  15. I need to check out those TV shows! :] (My list is seriously never-ending at this point. ._.) I’d never heard of invisibobbles, but I’m gonna have to check those out too!

    • shooting

      I definitely recommend, and I’d love to know what you think if you try them. They are working great for me though!

  16. My coworkers keep telling me I should go see The Greatest Showman. I don’t know if I’ll make it before it leaves the theater, but if not, I definitely plan to catch it once it’s out on DVD.

    Interestingly enough, the same coworkers keep telling me I need to watch The Good Doctor as well, lol.

  17. My daughter has some of those Invisibobbles and I was going to try them out on my hair, but they looked just weird to me. I am definitely going to try them now! The ones she has are clear. I bet I will love them!


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