Local Tourist: King’s Island, Baby Animals, and Two Concerts!

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It’s time to look back on the month of April 2018 and see what local adventures we have all been up to. Come join me and Dara of Not In Jersey (link up at the end of the post).

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April was a pretty quick, but fun month, especially in terms of some local tourism. First up, I went to the Gold Pass Preview Night at King’s Island on Friday, April 13. It was myself, my mom, sister, brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, and nephew. My mom and I spent most of the evening watching the kids and letting them get on various rides. We’ve been doing the Gold Pass Preview Night for years now and it’s always fun to go before the official opening day. Last year it seemed overly crowded, and while it was still quite busy this year, it was a lot better and we spent the whole evening there.

If you don’t know, King’s Island is an amusement park in Mason, Ohio and my family have had season tickets for years now. It’s always a lot of fun!

On Saturday, April 14, my mom and I took my oldest niece and nephew to a local library event.ย  A farmer from Sunrock Farm came and showed off the various animals, which were so adorable. My nephew loved holding the little chickens and my niece found herself a goat friend who wanted to nibble her hair and dress – she kept telling him she wasn’t a flower! It was really cute. And by the photo above, you can see that I made myself a little lamb friend. I remember going to Sunrock Farm with my kindergarten class and after the library visit, my mom and I are hoping to bring the kids to the actual farm someday soon.

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On Sunday, April 22 (the afternoon before I went to see X Ambassadors live), my mom and I saw Bingo! The Winning Musical at a small theater called Village Players of Fort Thomas. While this theater has been around for awhile, we’d never attended before, so it was fun to check it out. It was definitely small but the show was fun – and a musical!- and the actors did a really good job.

FINALLY- I attended two concerts in April. Nina Nesbitt and X Ambassadors (which I mentioned above) and they were both fantastic. I already did write-ups on both of them, so if you’re curious, please check out those posts. I’ll put them in the linky below too. But for now: Nina Nesbitt in Concert and X Ambassadors in Concert.

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36 responses to “Local Tourist: King’s Island, Baby Animals, and Two Concerts!

  1. Sounds like you had a fun time at the library! The lamb is sooo cute and I think goats are super cute, too, even if they do want to eat everything in sight, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. candy

    Well you have been on some adventures. Never been to Kings Island but thinking I need to check this out more.

  3. I absolutely love that you really take advantage of all the things your community offers, and that you do so many different things! I would really like to be better about that–it was even a goal for this month–and I struggle to nail down things to go to. I feel overwhelmed by possibilities and inevitably just do the same things again and again!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun this month! Getting to preview Kings Island before it opens had to be a ton of fun I bet! And what a fun event at your library with the animals! I’d love to take my son to something like that!

  5. I always love the reminder to be a tourist in your own area. So often we take for granted that we can go “anytime” and then either never do or not as often as we could.

  6. Sounds like you had a really fun month, momma! Love that you made a lamb friend (arenโ€™t they just the cutest), attended two concerts and went to Kings Island! Hereโ€™s to more fun adventures in May! Xo

  7. Sounds like you had a fun and busy month. I wish we had an amusement park close to us here in Portland, we have a small one but it isnโ€™t that great. Here is to a productive May.

  8. I love the carnival type petting zoos, so many kids aren’t able to experience patting a lamb or baby farm animals and it’s such a lovely way to bring the farm to city or town kids. I was one of them when I was young and still remember the experience. Two concerts in the one month Lauren! It sounds like everyone had a brilliant time. Here’s to more fun in May and looking forward to catching up with your adventures! <3 <3

  9. Wow! You sure managed to attend some cool events this month! I definitely have a soft spot for amusement parks–it would be fun to live close to one!

  10. King’s Island sounds a lot like King’s Dominion here in Virginia. We haven’t done season passes since my son is kind of in between the Planet Snoopy stage and the riding roller coasters stage, but it’s always a great time so I’m sure we’ll get them again once he’s a few years older.

    That library event sounds like a lot of fun too. Your library always seems to have such cool events that are great for all ages. Wish mine had more like that.

  11. It sounds like your April was so love,y Lauren! I remember when I was in the first grade, we had a farm day where we hung out with all the baby animals. I think I actually still have photos of it! It’s such a fun thing to do with kids because they see pictures of the animals and see them on tv, but they hardly ever get to meet them!

    I used to go to musicals multiple times a year, but there haven’t been as many awesome ones coming lately. They’re all ones I’ve seen before or that I don’t have a big interest in seeing. I really want the Anastasia musical to come to Australia! That I would definitely see ๐Ÿ™‚

    My April wasn’t too big. But just on the weekend I went to a comic-con and met Tom Welling from Smallville. That was one of my favourite shows when I was a teen so it was exciting to meet him in person ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope your May is lovely!

  12. I really like this idea! I should try to do more local adventures too (how close/far counts for local? :O ). Yay for the baby animals! Lambs are so cute!

  13. I seriously need to start checking out the library events again! I just love farm animals!! I haven’t heard of Kingโ€™s Island, but we have Six Flags here. I’ve been thinking my kids are fun ages now to get theme park season passes.


  14. Bailey

    King’s Island was one of my absolute favorite places as a kid! Looks like you had a great time.

  15. that library event sounds so awesome! i would have loved to do something like that as a kid. i’ve never been to king’s island but it seems relatively close (er, like a weekend trip lol) so maybe one day! i love amusement parks.

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