Mark it Up May: Laura Wiess

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That’s right! THREE MARK IT UP MAY CONTESTS GOING ON AT ONCE! And you have a chance to win one of two that’s 4 tries at winning a book! Sounds good, right?

Ends: May 27 (A Tuesday, I believe…let me know if that’s wrong)

What to do? Promote the books! Post about it somewhere. Tell someone about the book. Anything you can think of! If you are EXTRA creative, I’ll even give you an extra entry. PLEASE: State if you wouldn’t mind either book, or if you are just trying for one!

Prize: A Marked up Copy of Such a Pretty Girl or a Marked Up Copy of Leftovers.

Winners: Two

Get going! Spread the word!

19 responses to “Mark it Up May: Laura Wiess

  1. These are such a great idea 🙂

    I have told some friends who don’t normally enter contests. Now let’s see if they come!

    Either book is fine with me.

  2. I’ll post on my myspace and I’ll tell some friends about these contests. I already own Leftovers, so if I win I’d like to read Such a Pretty Girl.

    Oh, I recently finished reading Breaking Up is Hard to Do! (Which are the names in the final version – the ones on the back copy or the ones in the text?)

  3. I’m definitely going to enter this one.

    Although I have a copy of Leftovers, so I’ll be entering for Such A Pretty Girl. I’ll leave another comment when I actually post about the contets, lol.

    Thanks for these amazing contests!


  4. Liv

    Ooh! More totally awesome books! I told a bunch of my friends about them and kind of outlined what I know of the plot for them. They definitely seemd interested. 😛 These books are on my summer reading list and they look great.

  5. for Such a Pretty Girl.
    I will tell my reading group SPARR about this book and where to find a review of it. Also, my neighbor across the street who has walls of book shelves containing reading material.

  6. I told my librarian! Not just about this specific contest, but the marked-up idea in general, and I gave her a link to here. Hopefully she’ll enter and spread the word even more. 🙂

    I also told some blogging friends, and I’m sure they’ll enter.

    This marked-up idea is such a good one and I’ve been wanting to read these two books for a WHILE. (I’d prefer Such a Pretty Girl if I win, as it’s the first one, right?) Thanks for the contest!

  7. I’d love to win either of her books! (Though if I got SAPG, I’d be over the moon :P)

    I’m editing this into the YAweekly post, along with all of the other mark it up contests.

  8. i spraypainted the URL onto an empty billboard….

    no, just kidding. i would have. but it was too high.

    so i also did what rachel did and sent some text messages.

  9. I talked about Laura Weiss’s book Such a Pretty Girl so much to my Book Club advisor, that she picked that as our final book of the year, and even got Laura Weiss to agree to come visit my school in June! I was reading it in my one class on thursday, and the girl next to me looked at it and I said she could read it to see if she liked it, she got to the same spot I was, and said do you think you’ll have that done by tomorrow so I can borrow it?

    I would love a copy of Leftovers!

  10. i told all of my friends and all of my older brother’s friends. hopefully they’ll enter before tomorrow..

    I’m fine with either

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