Married to Jonas- Premiere Review

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Married to Jonas

Premiere Review by Lauren

The new reality show, Married to Jonas, premiered last night on E! at 10 p.m. EST, and apparently a lot of people tuned in. I’m a fan of the Jonas Brothers. I think it’s cool that they are a group of brothers that work and have fun together. At any rate, I watched the show last night of my own accord (meaning nobody asked me to review it; I just am) and I really enjoyed it. It was only a half an hour, which was fine, but it would be kind of cool to have an hour long show. Then again, at 10 p.m., it’s already getting late for me with school and everything.

The premise of Married to Jonas is to obviously showcase the new situations they find themselves in. For both of them, they get in-laws that are quite different, they must deal with the new label of husband and wife, and of course…they must negotiate how to be a family with Kevin’s music career. The premiere wasted no time in diving into these issues. You see both families and get to realize that Danielle’s (or Dani) has a loud, slightly invasive family, while Kevin’s is more business-focused, but no less to blame when it comes to breaching their privacy. Both of them seem like great families but Dani’s needs to be a little less intrusive when it comes to the house, especially her dad, and Kevin’s family needs to realize that he’s married now and if they have questions about how he’s going to navigate that and his music, they shouldn’t jump into that conversation over a family dinner. It was quite interesting to see Dani’s reaction to the whole family discussing her having a baby at a suitable time for the Brothers to tour. I get it; I do. This is their career and as Dani said, there are two other guys in the band besides Kevin, but it’s her life and eventually her baby, so it needs to work for everyone.

Reality shows obviously invite fans into these people’s lives. Dani was a normal girl before Kevin and now she’s in the spotlight and having to deal with everything that fame, and marriage, brings. It’s interesting to me to see how they navigate these new roles and as a previous fan of the Jonas Brothers, I like seeing their life and story from a new perspective. This review isn’t here to say that either family is wrong, but I just wanted to state how I felt after watching the first episode. There are definitely things you can see that need to be worked out, but Dani and Kevin obviously love each other and I’m curious to see how the season goes! I’ll continue to check in every Sunday. Will you?!

9 responses to “Married to Jonas- Premiere Review

  1. Eeeek! I think it's such a bad idea to have a reality TV show based around your new marriage! I think it's stressful enough without inviting the whole world in.

    I was interested to see how this played out though (without actually watching it! lol!) So thanks for the update. šŸ™‚

  2. I don't think I even knew a Jonas brother got married! They were after my time so I don't know much about them. I do know I get sucked into these reality shows though! I also think that a reality show could ruin a marriage, so lets hope that doesn't happen! We don't have cable, but if we did I would be tempted to watch this one.

  3. I don't have cable, so I actually can't watch this; but I would love to check it out sometime if I have the chance. I did a phone interview with the Jonas Brothers years ago (just when they were getting famous) for a magazine, and have followed them ever since. This looks like a fun show.

    P.S. I'm the same way – I will not wear fake nails. They feel like an invasion to my fingers! šŸ˜›

  4. I've heard of the Jonas brothers, but haven't listened to their music.

    I don't watch reality shows. I'm not sure how much of it is real and they can be disastrous to marriages.

  5. I don't know anything about them but I'm sure this will be entertaining. I have to agree with Rachel, the last thing a new marriage needs is cameras on them 24/7 but hopefully it all works out ok for them. Having to plan your life around a band and their your schedule would be a pain!

  6. I sometimes enjoyed this kind of reality show, but I have knack to keep wondering whether this is all scenario or real life LOL! x) And I one hundred percent agree with Rachel! Although I haven't been married yet, I think marriage has enough thrills without the need to invite the world in them. But that's just me, not some famous celebrities. šŸ˜‰

    Anyway, thank you for reviewing this show, Lauren! I think I might would check it out when they air it here. <3

  7. Iā€™m also curious to see how it all pans out for them so I will be continuing to tune in each Sunday, to answer your question. Reality shows can be tricky especially for married couples. This episode definitely showed us all the complications of marriage and outside influences of building your own family. Married to Jonas gives my Dish coworkers and I a lot to talk about. This is why I record it on my Hopper each week. I love that with this equipment Iā€™m able to start watching the play back on my living room TV and continue watching on any TV in my house, right where I left off.

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