May Parties are Ending…Did You Win?!

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Some of the May party contests have ended. I still need to figure out the winners for Lucienne Diver’s and the Oh, Hush one but I’ll try and do that today or so. The rest have been figured out and the winners contacted, so if it wasn’t you, sorry but keep entering the many contests I have going on now as well as the many more to come. Follow the blog so you know!

I did want to announce on here the winner of Sarah Cross’ contest. She picked the winner for filling in the speech bubble and this is what she picked/said about it:

It was hard to choose a winner, but ultimately, when I read each entry while picturing that little tiff between Wolverine and Cyclops, I decided I could totally see this line sparking the fight:

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. When you borrow one of my paranormal romance books you put them back where you got them! I’m sick of finding them next to the Lazy Boy on the floor! Now move your butt and…”

You’d think Cyclops would be a neat freak, but Wolverine knows better! LOL.

Congrats to Darcy who was the winner. I emailed you so please read that!
Oh, and on another note: don’t forget to enter the contests below (well, I did say this below) and leave your thoughts on the A.J. Menden guest blog.

5 responses to “May Parties are Ending…Did You Win?!

  1. That is a great caption. I bet Wolverine dreams of writing a paranormal romance between a werewolverine and a faerie.

  2. Jazz: I liked this one too, very fun!

    Megan: Yes, I did. They were Sarah and Ashley I believe. They already wrote me back. 🙂

    Sorry if you entered and didn't win…but definitely pick up the books!


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