Keep It Together (May 2021): Help Me Create New Blog Features

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Happy Keep It Together day with the lovely Rebecca Jo from Knit By God’s Hand

Because I’m slacking on taking photos, I don’t have any of my current planner. I have been using it though and trying to decorate more! Even though I have tons of stickers, I really would like to get some new ones – I feel like I’ve been looking at the same sticker books for awhile now. At any rate, I do have a planning post for you – but it’s all about blog features!

Keep It Together: New Blog Features

What do I mean by blog feature? Essentially, these are blog posts that would repeat whenever I had something new to share  (they would all fall under the same theme or idea). They wouldn’t necessarily be once a month – they could even be a couple times a month! However, I’ve had these blog “feature ideas” for awhile now and I want to get started posting them.

For that though, I need new images (like the Keep it Together photo at the top of this page). I’m not the best at creating images – this one was done by the lovely Kelly from DivaBookNerd. At any rate, I figured I’d see what I can do and you all can let me know your thoughts about the features, the images, which one you like best for each feature, etc.

Blog Feature #1: I’ve Heard It Both Ways

If you’re a fan of the tv show Psych then you know the often-used phrase “I’ve heard it both ways.” I think this is the perfect title for one of my new blog features – which is all about music!

Have you ever noticed songs that sound similar, but they are delivering opposite messages? As a silly example, let’s say one song is all about the love of picnics and another song is all about how picnics are awful and bears will steal your basket. There are a collection of songs that fit this idea perfectly (to me at least) and I’ve been wanting to share them, so hence a new blog feature!

Now let’s see about those images-

Here’s the first image idea! I also included a little tagline: Two Songs. Opposite Messages.

  • how do you like the image?
  • what do you think of the tagline? Should I change it, not have one at all?

I’m open to all your ideas, so please let me know!

Here’s another quick idea for an image-

  • what do you think about this one?
  • Should I add the tagline or not? Change anything in this image?

I can edit both of these images so if there are things you think should be different, let me know. If you don’t really care for either, I can always create new images to try out too!

Blog Feature #2: Big/Little Book Club

First off, I’m not super attached to the title for this feature so if you have any ideas, let me know! I’d really appreciate them.

Now, this blog feature is basically what it says – an adult and a child have a book club together. But the twist is that they aren’t reading the same books! Instead, they are reading similar books, whether that’s in theme or an adult book and a kid’s book by the same author, etc. This can be an adult/kid, adult/teen, teen/child. It doesn’t matter.

I know part of a book club is discussing the book – and I think you can still do that here. The younger reader can probably share more, but the big in the group can still talk a bit about what they read (as long as it’s appropriate). The takeaway here is to make time for reading and to enjoy discussing books!

  • what do you think about this feature? Again, any different name ideas?
  • would you do this type of thing with someone in your life?

And now – some image ideas!

  • what do you think? Do you like this tagline?

And another image –

Alright, I think that’s it for today! Please do leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new features, if I should use the taglines, which image you like best, and if I should edit any of the images to make them better!

Thanks for your help!

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28 responses to “Keep It Together (May 2021): Help Me Create New Blog Features

  1. Great ideas! I love the idea of books that match subjects but not necessarily are the same book. There are also books that come out with a YA version, like Stamped, which is also coming out with a kids’ version too.

  2. I’ve Heard it Both Ways sounds intriguing. Definitely curious about that. The Big/Little Book Club could be fun. I am curious about the pairings of the books. I would enjoy trying to find comparable books for both age groups.

  3. I think the I’ve heard it both ways sounds interesting. It reminds me of those images where, depending on the angle, two people could have two different perspectives. 🙂

  4. The new features sound really interesting. I like that you used Psych as an inspiration for the first one since I remember you mentioning you loved that show. 🙂 The book club one sounds great too. Like Sam, I’d definitely be interested to see potential book pairings.

  5. These are really cool ideas! I like the second image for the “I’ve heard it both ways” (love the tagline :] ) and either one for the second!

  6. I love these ideas so much (especially the big/little book club), but I really love how open and welcoming you are to feedback. It’s so nice to see! ❤️ Look forward to seeing what you come up with and also please do share planner pics and those stickers! I need some inspiration with mine, too!

  7. These both sound like fun ideas. I personally like the second image for the Both Ways feature (I’d add the tagline, though). Either image works for the Big/Little one, but maybe something with a kid and an adult in it would make it more obvious? (Could be just silhouettes or something.) That’s just an idea, though. And I like the tagline for that one too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted: Sunday Post: Book Pre-order Campaigns & Giveaways Galore – 5/23/21
  8. I like both blog ideas, though I don’t immediately have someone to do a big/little book club with, so I’m personally more intrigued by the first one. As for the visuals, I like the second one best for both, but I’d still add the slogan 🙂 Good luck with these!

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