New Idea: A Place to Write Me

Posted April 27, 2009 by shooting in Uncategorized / 11 Comments

This page is just a random idea that I had and I wanted to see if it would help people trying to get in touch.
Yes, we have an email (two of them) in the header, but this is mainly for other bloggers to get in touch about a few things.
1. Did I write you a comment on your blog or ask a question? If I did, write me back here and I’ll see it. I might not remember to re-check your blog’s post later on.
2. Do you have a random question or comment? Leave it here and I’ll write you back if need be.
3. Awards (if you know, I got one. LOL) and other notifications. Just leave it here instead of on another post. This gives you a spot where it won’t be random or out-of-place.
Anything else, feel free to comment here too. It doesn’t matter. If it’s something serious or private, just email.

11 responses to “New Idea: A Place to Write Me

  1. I like this idea. Because sometimes I just have a general question or comment and I never know where to write it if it’s not related to a particular blog.

  2. Storyhear: Thank you, and I figured it might make it easier for people so I hope they notice it on the sidebar and realize what it’s for. 🙂

    Shelley: Me too! And I feel bad if I’m just placing it in a random post. I don’t really mind when others do it, but it’s easier if it’s one spot, so I’m glad you like the new idea. Feel free to use it on your own blog!


  3. Shelley: When you log onto the blog, click “Layout” and then “add a new gadget” or something similar to that. Click “picture” and you upload the photo you want and the title, and you can link it to a post…so you have to make the post first and then put that link in, so it brings the person to a certain place.

    does that make sense??
    let me know if it doesn’t work!

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