Not Everyone Is You

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One thing that I keep seeing is people stating how they grew up being told to fight for what they wanted or that they had to work hard for everything. Nobody had to give them a “hand out” etc. and I hate seeing that because there is probably someone reading it who feels embarrassed or upset because that isn’t their life.
There is nothing wrong with needing help – from other people or the government. Do people abuse that system? Yes. Are they the majority? I don’t think so. Regardless, these things help people who really need it and that’s what I care about. But this isn’t an inherently political post. This post about understanding that not everyone is like you.

Also, just because you worked hard or overcame obstacles to get to where you are, doesn’t mean everyone can do that. If you did, I commend you. But your life is not the same as theirs- even if it seems awfully similar. Sure, some people are given opportunities left and right and still don’t make anything of themselves. But that’s not everyone. Not everyone is able to just get up and make a better life for themselves.

People are looked over because of gender, race, religion, skin color, sexuality. It might not be your experience, but it happens. Denying that or making light of it just exacerbates the problem.
This post is probably for the people who already think like I do, and that’s fine. But then again? Maybe it will make someone else think too. Again, this isn’t a political post. This is about understanding other people. Understanding that not everyone can achieve what you have. Not everyone can get past the life they are in, even if they try hard or have opportunities given to them. Not everyone is you. That’s the whole point.
*I originally posted this on my Facebook page, but I thought it was worthwhile to share here too, especially as today is Holocaust Remembrance Day*

15 responses to “Not Everyone Is You

  1. These are wonderful thoughts, Lauren, and I totally agree! I think the old saying about "walking a mile in another man's shoes" before judging is very true. 🙂

  2. <3


    Thanks for sharing. I'm seeing a lot of things lately, on social media in particular, and having a very difficult time articulating my thoughts completely. I think a lot of it stems from having deep compassion and consideration that we are all different–our experiences, our situations, our choices, our lifestyles. But we need to be more understanding of our differences. THAT is where true growth comes from <3

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, my sweet!

  3. RO

    This is a really great post. We can never assume what someone else has experienced, and everyone is different. That's what makes the world go round.

  4. It kind of boggles the mind how unempathetic people are. They might be good people otherwise, but somehow are unable to or unwilling to try to see things for someone else's point of view, to realize that everyone has a different journey and challenges. It's just so unfortunate that what is happening has coincided with Holocaust Remembrance Day and yet not everyone is honouring that day. How can they not see that Anne Frank is essentially a little Syrian refugee girl who is being refused aid through no fault of her own? So so sad. Thank you for sharing this, Lauren.

  5. I think now more than ever Lauren, we need to have compassion for others especially when we're in a position of privilege. The political climate at the moment has shown that our experiences should not divide us but unite us and that regardless of colour, race, sexuality, we need to value one another more. Wonderful post Lauren and thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently sweetheart <3 <3

  6. This is the type of thing that everyone needs to hear more often. I like to think that I'm pretty compassionate and understanding, but I've had a lot of advantages in life and I've also made lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons, so even I have found myself occasionally thinking, "Well, why didn't that person just …" It's always good to remember that we all process things differently and you never completely know someone's circumstances (even when you think you do!).

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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