Ohio Renaissance Festival: A 2019 Review

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Thanks to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and US Family Guide for allowing me to attend this year’s festival. It’s going on every weekend through October, so if you’re nearby, definitely check it out. Plus, they are celebrating their 30th year and that’s pretty fantastic, right?!

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Ohio Renaissance Festival 2019: A Review

The last few times I attended the festival, I saw a lot of the same acts, so this year, we figured it would be fun to finally branch out and see more of what the Ohio Renaissance Festival has to offer. I went with my mom and sister and as always, we had an absolute blast!

The Swordsmen

One of the first shows we saw were The Swordsmen, who did a fantastic job. There was a lot of comedy, some sword work, and even some audience participation. Most of the shows tend to have audience participation – usually men- and almost all the shows have comedy. Regardless, each show is a lot of fun and you obviously get something a bit new each time.

Cirqa Brava

These two lovely ladies were actually the final show that we watched, and they did an amazing job. I love these type of circus acts. If you look at the first photo, the one on the left was a really awesome contortionist and she played that up throughout the show. The lady on the right never spoke a word, but she was still amusing and fantastically talented.

There was a hoop, some silks, and even “floor/table” work if you will. This show had me laughing, and it’s one I’d definitely watch again in the future.

You Gotta Eat!

I tend to eat the same things every time I go, but this year, I was especially limited since I’m supposed to avoid gluten. I think there might be gluten in the caramel sauce, but I couldn’t pass up this caramel apple and it was really, really good. I didn’t feel great later, but worth it! LOL The Ohio Renaissance Festival has a large assortment of food throughout the grounds though, so most people should be able to find something. You can find a full list on their website.

Ari, Ari the Comedy Juggler

Juggling and comedy?! You really can’t go wrong. This was a fun show, with a lot of different types of juggling – including some fire! He even had a young girl from the audience come up and help a bit and she was really cute. Ari Ari definitely had me laughing…and amazed by his juggling skills!

You Gotta Shop!

Along with all the food and shows, there are plenty of shops and things to buy. There are usually the same shops every year, but it’s still great to look around because each place tends to have more than one item you want. My sister was the shopper this year, and one of the really cool items she got were these wooden flowers. You can get one flower for $1 and six flowers for $5, etc. Such a great deal for these beautiful flowers that will never die! As you can see in the photo above, my sister chose to get six flowers. They even spray them when you buy so it has a scent for a little while. So cute, right?

Congratulations on 30 Years!

It’s been 30 years of fun and festivities, and I hope there will be many more years to come for the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Thank you for allowing me to attend. I had a great time, and I hope that anyone who lives close enough will go and check it out. It’s not just for kids either, so go have fun!

27 responses to “Ohio Renaissance Festival: A 2019 Review

  1. My sister in law is in love with renaissance festivals and it’s never been my thing but I guess the one in Minnesota is a pretty big one? Tons and tons of people go, so maybe it sucks if you’re not a fan of crowds. HA!

    Sara recently posted: Three Things
  2. What a cool experience. I’ve never been to a renaissance festival but the food alone would win me over! Good for you for branching out a bit and taking in some new entertainment! It sounds like it was a fun time!

  3. I can totally see myself forgoing my diet over that caramel apple. The usual caramel apples that we have here (candy apples) are too hard. But maybe that’s a completely different fair food altogether. Lol.

    Looks like so much fun!

  4. This looks like such a fun time! I haven’t been to the festival here in MN in a long time, but I might have to check it out this year because yours looks like so fun it’s making me want to go!

  5. Me thinks the Prince and I need to plan a trip to Ohio for next year’s festival. Looks like a royal good time! Love the flowers. I learned to make some cute flowers out of book pages and had all the best intentions of making a bouquet…and LIFE. Maybe it will happen this winter. The caramel apple looks scrumptious. The acts sound fun and thrilling. Glad you gals did this again and branched out a bit to try a few new things.

    Leslie Susan Clingan recently posted: Comparing Style Services: Fashom, Stitch Fix & GYPO
  6. Jen

    Oh how fun! Plus the forest ambiance really makes it look medieval. Ours in the desert is fun, but not that green. Congrats to them on making it an awesome experience for so many for 30 years now!

  7. I love Renaissance fairs! I’ve never been to the Ohio one although I did go to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire years ago. And the Michigan one is in full swing and I haven’t made it there yet, which is unheard of for me haha. I need to get over there.

    Happy 30 yrs to the Ohio festival!

  8. I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival once years ago and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t gone again, but I really should.
    You gals looked like you had a blast. I love the variety of shows you were able to see and those wooden flowers are lovely.

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Death in Focus by Anne Perry
  9. I’ve never been to a Renaissance Festival but I’ve always thought it’d be kinda cool! 😛 I didn’t know they had a aerial silks/lyra show there! *-* The caramel apple looks delicious too! :] I’m with you that it’s worth it, haha.

  10. I love your blog’s new (at least new to me!) look! I haven’t been to a ren fest before, although there is a regular one near me as well. I need to go check it out sometime!

  11. Oh my goodness this looks so FUN! I have always heard about these festivals but I don’t think there are any near me. Fun fact: I have a cousin who got married at one in Kansas. I wasn’t invited but I can live with it ? I love the look of all the acts- I had no idea that there would be so many cool things! And yeah I think it’s always worth it for good food. If that wasn’t true, Taco Bell would be out of business. The shopping sounds SO fun because I bet it’s lots of stuff you couldn’t find anywhere else! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! So glad you guys had a nice time!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: Reviews in a Minute: September, Part Deux

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