Our Questions. Your Answers.

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Our Questions. Your Answers.

“Does the way the members of bands act as people change your view on their music?”
By: Keaton

The way the band members act doesn’t affect the way I view their music. If they make good music, they make good music. Their behavior does affect how I view them though. There are some bands that I can’t stand because they are complete jerks, but I still listen to them.

It depends on the artist/band. Fall out boy is one example. Pete Wentz doesn’t exactly “Behave” in public, but I think his lyric writing is too amazing for that to matter. But if someone’s like, constantly strung out, on drugs or alcohol in public or on stage, then I don’t know, they better have some sort of credibility behind them. Otherwise, I don’t know if I’ll keep listening to them.

I think it affects it big time. I loved the starting line for 4 years, and i was waiting 4 years to meet them. Then this past warped tour, when i met them, it changed my WHOLE view of them. They aren’t the guys I thought they’d be. They went from being my favorite band, to being whatever. There music is great, but I think that experience will affect weather i want to see them in concert again.

Yes, at times. If they killed someone, or something, then that would totally change my opinion . . . but if they just do something silly like get really super drunk or something…I don’t really care. I guess positive things affect my opinion more . . . say if they do something really cool or charitable or something I’ll like the music better than I did. Or whatever. I dunno. Lol

The way a band acts as people does affect how I view the music to an extent. Especially if its the singer. If a band is really nice and I become friends with them then I enjoy the music more because it becomes more personal and I connect more. If a band acts like an ass, especially the singer, then I don’t stop liking the music, but I am not as eager to see the band live sometimes and I feel like what the say in the songs doesn’t have as much meaning.

Yes and no. If I decide that I don’t like the band as people I’m much less likely to support them although I’ll view the music the same way. But if I see one of the members acting arrogant I’m more likely to interpret their lyrics as arrogant.

I think band members’ behavior off-stage doesn’t really have a HUGE effect on my impression of the band, because if they’re talented, character doesn’t take away from that. It may lead me to lose a little bit of respect for the specific member themselves, though.
-Hattie Phillips 😀

For me, yes because if a band loves what they do and appreciate the support, then I am able to feel that through their music and enjoy it. Unfortunately, if a band doesn’t care, takes it for granted or is cocky, it’s off-putting and their music is spoiled.

YES! I really liked this band that I saw at the Metro in Chicago and really really liked them. I was all excited, went home and got the CD and such. I later heard that they are HUGE druggies and partiers…and I instantly lost respect. I still listen to their cd regularly but I look at the lyrics relating to drugs…and dunno..just not into that!

I think that this has a very big impact on how people view the band. My favorite bands, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, and others in that genre, are known for their political views and appreciation of human and civil rights, so as a band, what they say matches what they believe.
-Shane C

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