(Review) Planning Perfect by Haley Neil

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Planning Perfect by Haley Neil

First off, thanks to Bloombsury for sending me a copy of this YA book. I really enjoyed this one and gave it four stars. Here are some reasons that I liked Planning Perfect and think you should read it too:

1. The main character’s name is Felicity Becker.

Okay, this is very particular to me, but I love that the MC has my last name!

2. It deals with party planning.

Felicity’s mom gets engaged and she decides to plan a wonderful wedding, since planning events is kind of her thing. I love planning parties myself, and it’s fun to read about other people coming up with ideas too like the food and which dress to wear.

3. All the Diverse Rep

Felicity is Jewish and it’s something that is mentioned throughout. Also, her two best friends are both queer.

4. Asexual Rep

Yes, this could have gone under number 3, but I think it deserves its own point. I don’t read tons of books about people on the asexual spectrum, and that’s not because I don’t want to! I definitely think there needs to be more asexual rep and its many layers, because it’s not black and white. Felicity says she’s on the asexual spectrum and I loved her trying to figure out how she likes Nancy, and what that means. As someone who personally identifies as demisexual, I thought this was handled really well, and I think it’s something that should be in more YA books when people are thinking about their sexuality. Characters like Felicity can make people – of an age- feel less alone or like there is something wrong with them.

5. Family Relationships

I loved Felicity’s relationship with her mom and stepdad. It’s not perfect, and they all learn a lot throughout the book, but it just felt so realistic!

Have you read this? Do you want to? 

13 responses to “(Review) Planning Perfect by Haley Neil

  1. That is an adorable cover! And I’m glad to see some asexual rep out there. I know there’s not none, but comparatively there seems to be very litle.

  2. Aww, yay! I’m so glad that there’s more books with more diversity/representation now! Have not yet come across a book with my last name but I did find one with my first name when I was in elementary school (granted, it was the name of a pet ferret, but I’ll take it! 😛 ).

  3. Verushka

    I haven’t read this gem, but goodness I want to — I love the different representations in this!

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