Psych Review + CONTEST OVER!

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Psych Review

By: Lauren

Airs: This Friday, August 7th on USA at 10/9c

Shawn and Gus are back for their fourth season and this time viewers can find them in Canada tracking an elusive art thief who Lassiter has been trying to catch for six years. Shawn is finally dating someone, but him and Juliet are doing their best to make sure thier friendship can stay intact. As for the duo that is behind Psych, Shawn and Gus are still best friends with slightly polar personalities.

The Canada location for the premiere episode was great, as Pysch is actually filmed in the country. Shawn booked slightly romantic adventures to enjoy while visiting, causing Gus to be more than a little uncomfortable with the flower petals in the bathroom and a carriage ride at night. All of these instances are pure Psych moments and definitely had me laughing.

When it comes to the actual mystery, I enjoyed the episode for the most part. I didn’t guess the end at all and I thought it was a unique crime for the show and others that I’ve seen. The Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes guest stars as the art thief for those who were a fan of the show…it would definitely be a bonus in watching this episode. This thief is very smart, but is there really a perfect crime? I guess you’ll have to see…though his character does give Shawn and Gus, as well as the viewers, some very specific clues as to what he’ll do throughout the episode.

Shawn’s dad has a slight role in this episode, though when you do see him it’s a bit amusing..after all, who else would bail Shawn out of trouble? Lassie, another favorite of mine, is obsessively amusing as always. This time he is moaning the loss of his gun when entering Canada and Lassie without a weapon is often more dangerous than with one.

Overall, I’d say it’s a good start to a new series. I’m already a huge fan and I can’t wait for new shows to air…but what about you? Will you watch it this Friday? I sure hope so!


To Enter: Leave a comment about why you or someone else you know likes Psych

Open To: U.S. Only

Ends: Friday, August 7th at 12 NOON est time (this is only about a two-day contest so enter fast!)

Prize: Listed below


+1 if you follow now or already did

+1 if you comment on the interview with James Roday and Dule Hill (should be up tomorrow so keep an eye out)

Now for the prize and other show info:

Don’t miss the season 4 premiere of PSYCH on USA NETWORK, Friday at 10/9c. While vacationing in Canada, Shawn and Gus track Despereux, an elusive international art thief who has alluded Lassiter for years. Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) guest-stars in “Extradition: British Columbia.” Become a fan on Facebook, Follow Psych on Twitter, and play Psych games on USA’s Character Arcade.

Grand Prize Winner will receive:
Psych Season 3 DVD
Psych T-shirt
Psych Pineapple Stress Toy
Psych Novel

1st Prize Winner will receive:
Psych Novel

195 responses to “Psych Review + CONTEST OVER!

  1. Why WOULDN'T you love Psych? A great cast, excellent writers, hysterical show, and pineapples galore! There are so few unique shows on TV now, but Psych is definitely one of them. So much so that the Mentalist feels the need to steal!

    The @Psych_USA Twitter sent me here to enter!

  2. It is all parts awesome! With a pineapple on top 🙂 All the characters are loveable (Yes even Henry). There references to culture from the 80's are amazing! (I was born in 89 but I've learn so much 80's stuff from this show). Love how the writers interact with us "Psych-O's" on twitter. Thanks USA for this classic show!

  3. Sent here by @Psych_USA.

    I love everything about Psych!!! The characters are "real" and hilarious and the writing is some of the best out there. My husband and I enjoy every episode together and have gotten our extended family hooked as well! Plus where else do you hear that many references to the 80's??

  4. I love Psych because it's so dang entertaining! There's not enough unashamedly silly television for adults. But it's not JUST silly humor; it's all flavors of humor. I relate to Gus (am I lover of good grammar). Mostly though, it's the humor. After a long, tough week of grad school, nothing brightens my mood like a new episode of Psych!

  5. Found my way here from @Psych_USA on Twitter. I'm a fairly new Psych fan, but seriously now, what's not to love? Legitimately laugh-out-loud funny show with chemistry left and right, be it Roday and Hill or Roday and Maggie or oh, maybe just Tim O. almost bringing me to tears in Tuesday the 17th! And searching for the rogue pineapples never gets old.

  6. How can you not love this show? It's funny. It's entertaining. It's creative. The acting is great. The friendship between Gus and Shawn is totally believable. The riffs and callbacks to the 70s and 80s are hilarious. It's a delight.

  7. I love Psych because it's hilarious, smart, and loaded with various references outside of the show! And Tuesday the 17th, priceless.

  8. I love Psych because it's hilarious, smart, and loaded with various references outside of the show! And Tuesday the 17th, priceless.

  9. I love Psych because it is simply the best show on TV. The actors clearly love what they are doing and, from everything I've seen, are genuinely wonderful people who are grateful for their fans and what they do.

  10. amy

    I am a fan because of the charisma between Shawn and Gus. Great writing, great jokes, great pop culture references…

    Saw the contest @Psych_USA

  11. Psych rocks! There really isn't anything not to love about the show. It's fun, well written and beautifully acted! I always leave an episode with a happy feeling. Can't wait for the season 4 premiere Friday night!

  12. I love Psych for so many reasons – the 80s references, relationships between Gus and Shawn, Shawn and Henry, Shawn and Lassie, etc. It's hilarious and I love when Henry tells Shawn not to do that "crazy head thing" and of course that's what he does.

    Favorite episode: Poker? I Barely Know Her.

  13. My son likes Psych because he thinks the characters are good and they play off of each other well. He can't wait for the new season and would love this prize! milou2ster(at)

  14. I was referred here from @Psych_USA on twitter. I actually was there for the Dule/James interview already.

    I cannot get enough of this show. I love that there are so many inside jokes and pop culture references to look for (pineapple anyone?).

    Everyone can find someone they relate to on this show, which is why I think it is loved so much!

  15. I love Psych because of the light hearted and often clean family friendly humor. I also love Lassiter, the way he gets frustrated with Shawn but still understands he needs him is really cool.

  16. You have to love the great pop culture reference that they always bring up. As someone who is only 19, a good amount I have to go look up but that is always a plus — a show that teaches you something about movies, other TV shows, etc, is something to always look forward to!

    Also, the characters seem to mesh together perfectly, and there seem to be good foils occurring or trying to occur.

    It's smart comedy, and done just right! Can't wait for the premiere!

    Found this contest via @Psych_USA!

  17. I love Psych because its completely fresh. The plot is so great it even gets ripped off by CBS. 😉 The jokes are witty without trying to hard and its easy to see that the cast and crew love working on the show.

  18. The cast consists of some of the most believable actors/actresses I've ever seen. When you watch it, you don't see James Roday the actor. You truly believe that there's a real guy out there named Shawn Spencer who's a lovable idiot.

  19. I originally watched because I was a fan of Dule on West Wing but the offbeat comedy mixed with pop culture tidbits make it enjoyable TV, something which reality TV has helped hide away from most people but glad USA took a chance and supported such a great show.

  20. I love Psych because it's hilariously real. The relationships between the characters (and the characters themselves) are dynamic and organic. So many television shows that try to be funny get old, fast. Psych continues to be funny, even after multiple viewings!

    I came here via the Psych_USA twitter and my favorite episode right now is Tuesday the 17th, but every time I decide to sit down and watch a couple of episodes one of them undoubtedly becomes my new favorite! They're all good!

    Stoked for the Hill and Roday interview!

  21. Psych is one of the funniest shows on TV. Shawn and Gus are an amazing tandem on screen and their banter is so real and hilarious.

    The plots are always intriguing and keep me trying to figure out who did it till the very end.

  22. My husband and I both love Physch. Tim Omundson, who plays Carlton Lassiter, is my best friend's husband's cousin.
    Oh, would I like to win this giveaway!



  23. What's not to love about Psych? Seriously, the writing, acting, directing and everything about it is superb. It's almost one of the most genuinely funny shows on television. It's one of those shows that I could watch over and over. I love James and Dule; the entire cast is exceptional. You can tell they have a great chemistry on and off screen and that they enjoy working together.

  24. My husband and I love the 80's references, the throwaway pop culture references, the relationship of Shawn and Gus. It's a guaranteed laugh-out loud time for us!

  25. My best friend and I both love Psych. I think it's mostly because our friendship is a ton like Shawn and Gus'… we just have yet to figure out who is who. It's not predictable like other shows in its genre. You never know what to expect from it, and it never lets you down. It seems like such a real show, as well. Like these things could, in some weird way, happen. I don't know what I'm saying, but all I know is, I love this show so much. My best friend and I always quote it, and I always call him a gooey chocolate chip cookie, or a prickly porcupine. I lovelovelove it.

  26. I love Psych because it is so darned entertaining! The ensemble is great .. each role has been well-cast, and they continually bring on guest actors in roles worthy of them.

  27. Actually my dad and I began watching the show because we were such big fans of Dule Hill in West Wing. Plus it was on the same night as Monk so it worked out really well for our viewing interests. We watch it now because (aside from the father) we love the cast and the interactions (oh Lassie, some day…some day you might win out).

  28. I love Psych because it’s tons of fun to watch Shawn have his ‘psychic visions’.

    I am also now following your blog, and my email address is rmsacks at hotmail dot com.

  29. Caroline

    I started watching the show this year, and quickly fell in love with it because of the quick-witted and creative writing, as well as the excellent acting.

  30. I love psych for so many reasons:

    1) The characters. They all have something unique and when combined they create a team of crime fighters not many could top. Shawn and Gus need each other, being near polar opposites. The same goes with Lassiter and Juliet. It's easy to relate to the relationship between Shawn and Henry, even if the relationship between your parents or children isn't quite as strained. The character development grows seamlessly throughout each season, making it almost impossible not to care about them.

    2) The comedy. There isn't one episode that I haven't laughed watching. Each episode has some memorable quote. I reenact banters between Shawn and Gus with various friends and family members on almost a regular basis. Since some of the show is improvisation, it flows so easily.There is always a reference or runner that is so completely out there. Plus, everyone can find something to laugh at, even if you didn't quite get that random reference from the 80's. When there are crazy references that you don't get, they aren't distracting because the show moves on to the next part and it continues to capture your attention. And of course, the always funny psych-out at the end of every episode is the cherry on top of the episode.

    3) The dedication of the cast and crew. Steve Franks, the creator, is always trying to find a way to improve the show. Steve, along with the producers and writers of each episode, always do commentaries. There is a audio or podcast commentary track for almost every episode on the Season 2 and 3 DVDs. They even did video commentaries for a lot of episodes. They listen to the fans to see what they can improve. They put all they have in this show. The cast treats this show as their child. James Roday, who plays Shawn is dedicated enough to write and direct episodes.

    Of course, there are the smaller things I love about psych. Gus' nicknames, the relationship between Shawn and Juliet, the fantastic guest stars who clearly enjoy their time on the show, and so much more. This show is my all time favorite show for these reasons.

  31. I fell in love with Psych because of Shawn's hilarity.
    I think that my most favorite quote of all time (the one that made me laugh for, no joke, over an hour) was:
    Lassie: We found prints.
    Shawn: Was he in a little red corvette?
    Gus: Under a cherry moon?
    Lassie: FINGERprints!

  32. I love the wittiness (is that a word?) of Psych. I always look forward to what references they are going to make during the show. I love the fact that it's mostly comedy with a touch of drama. The characters relationships are developing throughout the show, but it feels completely real because it's not necessarily obvious.

  33. I love Psych because it helps me catch up on all the 80s cultural references that I wasn't alive to see the first time around. Also it tides me over til the Mentalist comes back on.
    (referred via twitter)

  34. P.C.

    Please count me in.

    I love Psych. I love the hilarious inside jokes and I love the actors who play the characters.

    zmtc21 at yahoo dot com

  35. Sent here by Psych_USA on twitter!
    My friends and I love psych!! at work, we often talk about episode scenarios, favorite scenes and memorable quotes. always brings sunshine into a dreary workday.
    The gus and shawn interactions make every episode a gem!!!

  36. Why do I love Psych? Let's see, it's a witter, over the top, hilarious dramedy about two best friends and their fake psychic detective agency. It has epic written all over it.

    You have an amazing cast, who works so well together. The scripts are always so well written and it provides for a good entertainment program.

    And did I mention… I love Psych because it's an original program. Unlike some shows… *coughs "The Mentalist" coughs*

  37. Liz

    Haha I love Psych!! Its hilarious! It always brings a smile to my face! Plus I love the charaters! Hopefully I win!!


  38. I love Psych because it is a perfect show.
    It's funny, intelligent, and makes a lot of fun references. Also the way the characters interact sets up so well and is executed so well that it is hard NOT to like it.
    Plus, it's really cool to see Dule Hill in a silly role after seeing him in West Wing.

    Saw this on twitter.

  39. I'll SO be watching! I love Shawn (hot & funny) and Gus (same)! Okay, I just love all the characters! They're just perfect!

    BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

  40. I actually have never gotten to see Psych, as I don't get the channel. But I've seen clips that looked really good, and it has hot guys! And you even mention Cary Elwes making an appearance, whom I love. Please count me in. Thank you!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  41. I love Psych because of it's great characters and stories. The dvd's are some of the best money I ever spent because I don't get tired of watching the episodes and I can always trust them to make me laugh.

  42. I love watching Psych because it goes beyond surface level humor. The more you understand it, the 80's humor, the borderline self-awareness of the show, the better it gets.

  43. I love Psych because the show features something different than other tv shows, friendship and relationships. The chemistry between Shawn and Gus is what keeps people watching week to week. The characters create great hilarity and are quite dependent on the other to get by. Neither of them really want to grow up completely. Shawn and Gus's friendship is what stems the rest of the show, there is no psychic detective agency without both of them being involved. The humor that results from their antics is a must see.

  44. I love psych because amidst all the crappy shows on tv with their bad actors, terrible plots, and incredibly non-funny lines, psych is a show that truly makes me laugh. Other detective shows scare me, but the incredible writers of psych manage to make a detective show interesting and humerous. All the 80's references, the clever things shawn and gus say, and the prolonging wait for shawn and juliet to get together makes psych one hell of a show.

  45. Psych is an amazing show for so many reasons! First of all, it makes me laugh OUT LOUD every week! Even if I've seen an episode numerous times before, I still laugh at all the jokes. I also love the stories and mysteries that are presented. It is always so clever how Shawn figures things out in the end and definitely keeps me guessing which makes it tons of fun! The characters also work so well and bounce off of each other in a way that makes it extremely entertaining to watch. The chemistry of everyone working together is priceless! The other thing I love is that there are SO many quotable lines given! I constantly repeat them and relive the moment over and over again with my friends. You definitely can't beat that!

  46. I think the reason I love psych so much is because of the characters and the awesome story lines. It's so very creative and fun! I don't get to watch it very often cause I don't have cable, but when I do, it cracks me up and I always want more.

  47. Ahh! I LOVE Psych SO much! Shawn and Gus are hilarious–they compliment eachother so well. I love how Shawn is always cracking jokes, and Gus has to kind of rein him in. It's an amazing show..can't wait for the new episode! –and I saw this on Psych's twitter! yay!

  48. Well, I do love Psych but my husband is totally obsessed with the show. He enjoys all the creative writing, the quips and the characters. Gus and Shawn are the perfect duo. Oh yeah, and he really does understand all the ’80s pop culture because we are just that awfully OLD!

  49. I love Psych because, well, there are many reasons, but probably the biggest one is because, aside from being a hilariously fantastic show to start with, it's a tradition for my family to watch it every year while camping.. we always get the newest season (pre-ordered, of course!) to watch each night! It's a really neat thing to do as a family and we all love it SO MUCH.. so good memories with my family and an awesome show which I LOVE!!!

    Just so ya know, I was sent here by @PsychUSA on Twitter. 🙂

  50. Shawn is a little bit like Peter Pan. Sure the acting's spot-on and the writing's amazing, but in the middle of it all you have this kid who won't grow up. He's still running around playing cops and robbers, dress up, and make believe. He's the perfect blend of incurable child and unintentional hero. He stumbles into cases, runs head first into the answers, and blunders about until things turn out okay, and that just makes us love him more. He's a likeable hero who isn't full of anger and cynicism and despite the seriousness of the cases dealt with Shawn's humor and light-heartedness keep it upbeat and enjoyable. The show is original and creative; it's intelligent but you don't have to overthink it. It's the perfect end to a work week, when you can sit down and spend an hour in a world not quite like your own, but recognizable all the same, because we all have that little bit of Peter in us.

    (Psych_USA on Twitter sent me)

  51. Been a follower for awhile! By the way, tidbit of info: My class actually had a 13 year class reunion like in MURDER? … ANYONE? … ANYONE? … BUELLER? (minus the murder and not for any reasons related to Psych. No, it was pure laziness on the planners' part. They decided to not hold a 10 and some of us rebelled.)

  52. Why do I love Psych, let me count the ways…my coworker got me into the show (season one had already come out on DVD). We have the same dynamic as Shawn and Gus (I'm the Gus of the group). We get into shenanigans, and I only wish we solved crimes. The part the proved it was the episode when Gus did the 8-point turnaround. I'm a horrible driver, so whenever we're in the car together we reference that episode!

    +1 I follow the blog (and am jealous you got to interview the stars!)


  53. I love Psych because it is the only show that makes me laugh out loud at least 5 times every episode. It is the ultimate stress reliever, and in this day and age that is something we could all use! 🙂

  54. I heart Psych because Shawn, Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, Henry, the Chief, and just about anyone else who has ever been on the show make me laugh. They are so silly and yet there is such real caring and friendship portrayed at the same time. Love it and can't wait for Friday.

  55. Psych is such a great show because the characters, while still being totally silly and out there, are still believable and lovable.
    Also…wait for iiiiiiiit…
    The 80s are totally awesome. Sweet!
    *fist bump*

  56. Here from @Psych_USA!

    Amazing cast with fabulous rapport, witty dialogue, creative plots…oh, and the delicious addition of pineapples in (almost) every episode. What's not to like? 🙂

  57. okay, psych makes me smile. it makes me think. it makes me want to be creative, to write. it makes me want to have a party every friday night, hang out with my friends and watch it. it's great.

  58. I love Psych for the awesome lines, especially from Shawn. It is one of the funniest shows on television and shame on the creators of the Mentalist for stealing the concept. This is one of my favorite quotes from Season One:

    Receptionist: There is a Lieutenant Crunch here to see you.
    Gus: Crunch?
    [Shawn enters, dressed in a Civil War uniform]
    Shawn Spencer: Actually, I've been promoted. It's Captain Crunch.

  59. I already own seasons 1 & 2 on dvd, and I've laughed through every single episode. The constant squabbling between Shawn and Gus is hilarious, and Gus' facial expressions are priceless! Psych is my favorite escape, and I would LOVE to own Season 3! Thanks!

  60. Psych is too awesome not to love!
    The writers do a great job – it's hilarious with its pop culture references and ongoing jokes, like the pineapples. It's refreshingly different from most shows on tv. With each episode the characters draw you in a little more and they all blend so well together. Each episode is entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh. I can't wait to see what Shawn and Gus get into this season!

  61. my husband and I love this is funny and different..would love to win it for my dvd collection…thanks for the great giveaway

  62. Our whole family loves this show. We got hooked after Monk, and now (sob!) that Monk is gone, we are clinging to Psych. Our favorite is Gus. The looks he gives Shawn when he's mad make all of us crack up.

  63. Sue

    My husband and I sit and laugh. We have to pause it and finish laughing so we can go on sometimes because we're laughin so hard. I love that!
    I think Shawn is the greatest, funnest, funniest character on TV.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  64. The best part of Psych for me is the humor.
    I love the banter that goes bak and forth between Shawn and Gus. To me that is what makes Psych so great and so much fun to watch.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  65. When I first saw the Pilot, I fell in love with the show because it was a great mystery (which I've been a fan of since my Nancy Drew days), a cool and amazingly talented cast, and hilarious writing!! And thus I became a fan and entrapped my friends in the amazingness that is Psych (we call ourselves the Psychies).
    Oh, and I now follow you!! Plus I guess I should say I heard about this from Psych_USA on twitter!

  66. Anonymous

    My best friend and I LOVE Psych. Especially all the 80s music & film references– like using titles of Smiths songs in conversation…or the hilarious Rick Astley pinata…or how about the Tears for Fears & Friday the 13th tributes?? Can't get enough– hooray for Friday's new episode!!!

    jaylee33 at gmail dot com

  67. I love Pshyce because of all the geat 80s references, a fantastic way to bring back so many memories. The characters are so entertaining, too! rose dot post at gmail dot com

  68. My family and some of my friends got me hooked on Psych, because it's entertaining as all get out. One of the funniest, if not THE funniest tv show on the air right now. The characters are great and likable, the dialogue is entertaining and thought provoking (about 80's references, that is) and there's never a dull moment. The cases are interesting and it's always a treat to see how Shawn will solve the crime.

  69. I love it because it's hilarious. There aren't that many good comedies on TV lately with the advent of the 1hr dramas and sometimes it's just good to laugh.

  70. I love it because of the humor. The 80's stuff is hysterical. It's great to have a show to watch that funny and holds my attention.


  71. I started watching Psych because I adored Dulé Hill in the West Wing. I ended up staying because James and Dulé have amazing chemistry on screen. Plus the other characters are great too. The dialog is always witty, and the stories just pull me in!

  72. I love this show, I'm a fan of mysteries in general but this show is so fun, I love the references, the setting, everything

    alterna7 at hotmail dot com

  73. Oo, under the deadline but so many other entries! I watch Pysch because I like mysteries and I like humor and that show combines them perfectly.

    +1 Already a follower

  74. Cody

    I love Psych because of all the 80's references. I laughed so hard when they referenced Shrinky Dinks a while back.

  75. My sister LOVES this show. I honestly hate it. It just doesn't entertain me. Either way my sister thinks it's really funny and loves how the main guy easily figures stuff out. I like how the objects he notices glow sometimes. That's so neat hehe 🙂


    I already follow 🙂

  76. I love Psych because Sean and Gus are so funny. They make great detectives and I love when Sean pulls Gus into solving a mystery that he doesn't really want to.

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