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Rattlecake Diaper Cake Review

By: Lauren

Buy Your Own Diaper Cake!

Review: This diaper cake was amazing and a huge hit when it was unveiled for people to look at. We never took the plastic around it all off as my sister in law and brother had to travel with it. Everything was put together extremely well though and nothing was missing, broke, and the only thing that fell was one of the baby spoons…but it just sunk a little into the diaper part of the bottom. No biggie! My brother could easily lift it up without taking the plastic off.

One of the things that I found really cute about the cake was that the top had a list of all its items inside but it was titled as Ingredients, like an actual cake. It was a nice touch!

If you check out the Rattlecake website, you can see that a lot of the cakes have a theme from puppies, to ducks, and even Winnie-the-Pooh (the cake I’d want if I were having a baby) but my sister in law didn’t have a baby shower theme. Her nursery doesn’t even have a theme like most people, so we had to be a bit more creative. I told Rattlecake that they were an army family and were having a girl and voila, we get some adorable pink camo ribbon to surround the cake. As for the elephant on top, I was given a few choices and my mom and I thought we’d go with an elephant. I guess we made a good choice because my sister in law and even my brother thought it was really cute.

Now, I know that not ALL of you out there have heard of diaper cakes. I hadn’t until I saw them around in the blog world…which is how I find most cool things these days. However, my sister in law actually knew what they were…and not only that, she’d told her mom “I hope I get one.” I was totally shocked and really excited we were given the chance to review a cake for her. She was very excited and I know she’ll love having it around until and after the baby is born.

For those that can’t tell, the cake is full of size 1 Pampers, a teether, a couple baby spoons, a rattle, stuffed animal, and more!!

I definitely recommend this one. It would make an amazing baby shower gift or even a “Congrats!” gift for the hospital when the baby has been born. You can find all types of cakes at Rattlecake from various sizes to boy, girl, and even neutral.

Thanks to everyone following the baby posts so far. There are two more, both giveaways, and both things that aren’t JUST for little kids or moms-to-be!

4 responses to “Rattlecake Review

  1. How cute! I love that they customized your cake with the pink camo ribbon!

    I just visited and searched for frog, since that's our theme, and they have a pretty cute one!

    I'm a little shocked at the prices though! I mean, yeah, they're pretty, but worth $100 or MORE in most cases? I think not. Also, I've heard of alot of people making these themselves. It really can't be that difficult to roll up diapers and tie a piece of ribbon around them. 🙂

  2. Jess: I understand the prices, but the smaller ones aren't as bad…and I think part of it is getting everything put together and in a nice way. I'm not sure I could do it half as nice as these if I tried, plus getting all the goodies…I'd probably waste more time AND money. haha So I think it's shocking at first, perhaps, but if you really think of what you're getting…it makes it more worth it.

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