A Really Nice Prom Mess by Brian Sloan

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A Really Nice Prom Mess

By: Brian Sloan


Prom night: dress up, go out, dance, and have the time of your life. Right?! Not for Cameron.

First, he gets stuck going with a fake date, Virginia, because his boyfriend, Shane, wants them to go together…but not together. Instead, Shane will be going with his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Jane. Problem is: Virginia was the only one not in on the plan, and guess what? She finds out!

With a suddenly drunk date, Cameron is finding that the night is not going to go over well at all. The dance soon becomes just as bad, with Virginia burning her hair and Shane off pretending to be “one of the guys”, that Jane decides her and Cameron need to get high.

The book continues with more and crazier events, with Cameron sneaking out of prom with the drug dealer, going to a gay strip club, being chased by the cops, almost drowning, and more, just too finally see prom night actually come to an end. But on a high note or low, you’ll have to read to find out!

A Really Nice Prom Mess is a hilarious novel about a prom night gone completely awry. The book keeps you interested from beginning to end, with one adventure to the next. I loved the various relationships between the characters and how there are more then one side to everyone, which you find out as you read along.

The book is something that people will enjoy, whether in high school themselves or not! I highly recommend and I can’t wait to read something else by Brian Sloan. Ever think of writing a sequel?!

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