Review: B is for Beer by Tom Robbins

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B is for Beer by Tom Robbins

Review by Lauren

copy from library; all opinions are my own

Official Summary: Once upon a time (right about now) there was a planet (how about this one?) whose inhabitants consumed thirty-six billion gallons of beer each year (it’s a fact, you can Google it). Among those affected, each in his or her own way, by all the bubbles, burps, and foam, was a smart, wide-eyed, adventurous kindergartner named Gracie; her distracted mommy; her insensitive dad; her non-conformist uncle; and a magical, butt-kicking intruder from a world within our world.

Review: This was another book title I came across at the library while working. The title looked familiar and I thought it might be a bit enjoyable to read this “Children’s Book for Grown-ups” or “Grown-up Book for Children” – whichever you prefer.

The book isn’t very long, but it still took me a little bit to get into. It took me no more than an hour to read and there were certainly passages in the book that I found interesting. It wasn’t as funny as I expected; instead, it offers up a good lesson on the limits of alcohol and how too much can affect you in a negative way. In that regard, it really did seem like a “Grown-up Book for Children” and as someone who does not drink alcohol, it’s one I could appreciate. I don’t mind people that drink, but in moderation!

As for the summary, where it mentions a “butt-kicking intruder from a world within our world”, the author is actually talking about a beer fairy. Yes, a beer fairy. She was the one giving out all the wisdom on proper drinking, etc. to Gracie. One of her quotes was something I really liked though-

“Courage is where you find it. Having said that, I must admit that bravery that comes from a bottle – or from a book or a sermon, for that matter – lacks the full strength and purity of bravery that comes straight from the heart.”

Overall, it was a very quick read that I was able to find some meaning out of…though if I gave ratings, I’d say this is around a three star read overall.

15 responses to “Review: B is for Beer by Tom Robbins

  1. Huh, well this is interesting? I guess it doesn't sound particularly meaningful unless you're looking for it, but I'm intrigued by the mention of a beer fairy.

  2. LOL a beer fairy! That's so funny! I have never heard of this one but the whole idea about limiting your drinking seem really good to me, especially for teens. Great review, Lauren 🙂

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