(Review) The Baby Dipper

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The Baby Dipper Review
By: Lauren


This blue and yellow bowl is perfect for a little boy or girl as it’s fairly gender neutral with the mix of colors. And besides, as long as it’s not some hot pink item, it works for anybody right? I love the idea of a bent spoon to better help you feed your child when they are old enough for baby food. I know that my friend’s baby is already a bit heavy so whether you’re holding your child or not, it would be best to have something you can use with one hand. Also, the whole bowl has a bottom that will keep it from sliding all over the place so you don’t reach to get some food and push the bowl off the table! It’s great for when your little ones start feeding themselves too since we know they can be a bit more clumsy with things than most people.

The bowl iteself even dips so that all the food hits one side of the bowl. I’d like to have this for some of my food too. I mean, really, how annoying is it to be scooping all the bowl for the rest of your food? This makes feeding a whole lot easier! And the blue is light enough to see through and be able to tell about how much food you have left to go.

Some notes that I thought were great about the packaging-

1. There are instructions on the back in English and Spanish so if you are bilingual or know someone who only speaks Spanish, they can still use this just as easily.

2. There are photos of the creator and how to use this product on the back as well which is just a nice touch for those who want to see who made the item and it will also help you work with the bowl better if you are more of a visual learner. I know I’m a bit of both…I like to read it but I also like being able to get the idea in my head by watching something or someone work.

“What are your thoughts though? We want to know! Would you use this for your child? Have you used it?”

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  1. This is cute, trendy looking. I am wondering how well it works. I mean how much does it really stand out from the regular curved spoons and bowls. Thanks for the product review.

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