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Charm-It Review
By: Lauren
First off, I want to say that this site carries a few bracelets and necklaces designed for boys, some dance accessories, hair items, and even some other jewelry for the girls. It’s definitely got more of a younger feel…so if you’re shopping for a daughter, a niece, a friend’s child, or anyone who might be a tween or younger…this would be a good place to look!

When making a charm bracelet from the site, you first hit Accessories under the title “Charm It!” and you can pick the type of bracelet that you want. They have some like the photo above where you get all cupcakes, rainbow peace signs, safety pins, and more. There are, of course, some plain colors that you can go with: a silver chain, blue, pink, etc. As for me, I was sent the purple bracelet. It’s a pretty light color so nothing too distracting. Purple is my favorite color so I think it’s really pretty.

Once you have the bracelet, now you need the charms! Look in the right sidebar again under “Charm It!” and click charms. There are 135 charm ideas you can go with which is amazing. You’re sure to find a few ideas for that special little girl in your life. I didn’t pick my charms, but they sent me one with five different ones. I got:

A heart-shaped locket you can open that has a cupcake on it
A rainbow-colored peace sign
A pink heart with different colored gems on it
A shiny pink guitar
A flower that has different colored stones for the petals and center

Obviously, these are only a few of the ideas you can go with but some others that might be fun would be a gumball machine charm, dog house charm, treasure chest charm, music note charm, tons of Hello Kitty charms, just disney Pooh charm, and even some Hannah Montana charms.

As for the sizing of the bracelet, I can’t really say but the bracelet they sent for review fits me and I’m a teenager. Again though, these are mainly for younger kids so just keep that in mind. I’m sure you could have someone help you with the sizing before you buy anything too though.

Finally, I want to talk about the package it comes in. The bracelet is sealed in a tiny little bag and put in a box that opens on both sides. They are sealed tight though, as each side bends inwards so that it seems like a half moon was carved into the sides. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I just basically want you to know that the bracelet will be kept safe and it’s a great place to put it when it’s not being used either. It also has a pink ribbon on top so that the whole thing is like a tiny purse/bag.

The colored bracelets (pink, blue, purple) are all $8.00. The prices vary on the other bracelet types.

All of the charms seem to be $6.00 each though.

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