Review: Heart Haunt Havoc

Posted May 18, 2023 by shooting in Book Review / 8 Comments

Heart Haunt Havoc by Freydis Moon

I read this horror novella in one day for the Trans Rights Readathon back in March. This book follows Colin Hart, who used to be an exorcist, though still considers himself capable of ridding a house of things like ghosts and demons. Bishop Martínez is his newest client, and this case is bigger than most as it might be more than just the house that’s haunted.

Colin is transgender, and Bishop is non-binary. They do develop a physical, romantic relationship. Since this is a novella, it seems to happen quickly, but it worked for me. I could see how the two of them would be drawn to each other in different ways. Also, a note of warning that the romance is a bit spicy if that’s not your thing!

I believe there will be companion novels within this world, and I cannot wait for more!

8 responses to “Review: Heart Haunt Havoc

  1. I appreciate the honest and informative review of “Heart Haunt Havoc.” The author dives deep into the strengths and weaknesses of the book, providing valuable insights for potential readers. It’s evident that the reviewer has taken the time to thoroughly analyze the plot, characters, and overall writing style. This review serves as a helpful resource for those interested in exploring this particular book.

  2. verushka

    Ah, this is why I have such a love hate relationship with novellas — because when they’re good, they just hit thr right spot… and then I’m left wanting more!

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