(Review) My Lip Stuff is Great for Authors and Events

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My Lip Stuff review
By: Lauren

As you can see from the card above, My Lip Stuff is a chapstick that is a “skin, earth, and animal friendly product.” They come in all kinds of “flavors” if you will. You can choose from over 500 choices which is amazing if you’re looking for something in particular for yourself, an occasion, or someone you know. The ones I recieved for review:

Strawberry Shortcake
Pink Cake
Sex on the Beach
Peace of Mind
Vanilla Ice Cream
I think these chapsticks are really good quality. They go on smooth and keep your lips really moist. All of the colors are a white-ish color, but they all seemingly have a different scent to them of course. I really liked the smell of the Strawberry Shortcake.

My favorite to wear is definitely Peace of Mind, especially with the weather getting colder. I tried it when my lips were a bit chapped and hurting and they really did seem to help it. It left a tingly kind of feel on my lips. It’s a lot like a cough drop on your lips if that makes sense. It’s not a bad thing though, of course. It really did make my lips feel nice when they were upset.

One of the things that I think is great about these chapsticks is that you can personalize them. If you’re having a wedding, a birthday, or celebrating a holiday, you can find some way to make it fit your idea. I love anything that you can personalize, so this is great.

I think it would be PERFEFCT for authors. I know some have magnets, bookmarks, and more…so why not some chapstick? Especially if you have some girly-girls in the novel, it takes place in the winter, or you find a flavor that fits a character or the overall theme. It would be perfect! Hand them out in contests, give them to friends and family…you could even pass some out at signings if you wish. It’s a small and fun way to promote your novel over and over and over…so why not? Try it out!

Authors: Do you think this sounds like a good idea?

Readers: Would you like to recieve a chapstick that fits a book?

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