Review: You, Me, and Everyone We Know

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You know how people always say that everyone is attached through at least 6 degrees? That is how my realtionship with You Me and Everyone We Know is. Today, I listened to them for the first time. My friend Matt gave me their stuff, because I knew I had heard of them somewhere, and Lauren interviewed Ben.
Their EP, Party For the Grown & Sexy isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it is the best fucking wheel you have ever seen. The music is upbeat but not too poppy, and the vocals are clean and crisp. The songs are typical songs, but the words sound so good strung the way that they are. Basically, I have spent the entire day listening to this 4 song EP. The lyrics are my away message, I know most of the words, etc…
Now, back to my degrees. After giving the EP a good listen, I realized other reasons why the band’s name sounded familiar: They are going to be playing with the Pink Spiders and The Color Fred in a few weeks, and they are currently on tour with my friends Lannen Fall, and The High Court.
On top of that, I’m telling my friend Talia about the Pink Spiders show, and I mention You Me and Everyone We Know, and she is like “OH MY GOD, THEYRE THE BAND MY COUSIN IS FRIENDS WITH, THE ONE THAT PLAYED WITH ALL TIME LOW, THE ONE I TOLD YOU ABOUT”.
So basically, this band is reallly good, I’m wierdly connected to them, and they’re touring up and down the East Coast. This means, you should 1) buy their EP, 2) Go see them on one of their current or upcoming tours , and 3) Listen to bands when people reccomend them to you. I feel like I have said this before, but I’ll say it again, THERE IS A REASON as to why people reccomend bands. Most of the time its to make your ears happy. Don’t wait around until you know about a band 6 different ways to listen to them

Read the interview between Lauren and Ben:
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