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The Scenic
By: Lauren

Lauren: Please state your name and what it is you do in the band.

Shane: I’m Shane, or as some people like to call me Suga! haha, i play drums

Lauren: Will you give us a brief history of the band?

Shane: Well Andrew and Frank and Jake, were looking for a drummer and found me on a message board of some sorts, and i was living in NYC at the time, but i came down to jamWe kind of hit it off right away, and a year later we added Dan as a second guitarist and thats where we are at today

Lauren: Awesome! What was it about playing music that first appealed to you personally?

Shane: My dad is a musician so i have always tinkered with instruments. He has bad ass pictures of himself in the 70s with crazy mullets and a long beard.

Lauren: How can people go about buying your E.P, It’s a Secret to Everyone?

Shane: our ep is on if you want a physical CD, but most people just use ipods now anyway, so its also on iTunes for only 6 bucks. And if your too broke, just go steal it from us. haha We’re broke so we understand.

Lauren: What song would you recommend people listen too first? Or a favorite of yours?

Shane: Well, honestly, I’m soo hung up on our new songs right now, i dont listen to the EP much anymore, but everyone seems to think Not enough to Love track 2 and Fire Science the last track are the catchiest songs and i would have to agree

Lauren: Well, sounds like majority rules on those two then.

Lauren: The Junior Varsity contributed guest vocals on the E.P. How did this all come about? Which song was it? Why that song?

Shane: Oh, well theyy are just really nice guys, and were doing their new record at the same studio we were doing our EP at. We actually got the whole band, not just ASA into the studio on The Fall, and sang some fun gang vocals. It’s sad they are breaking up, really nice guys and hardworking and their new cd is amazing

Lauren: What’s your favorite song off their new album?

Shane: “the Sky”
Shane: no wait
Shane: ST louis
Shane: haha
Shane: i take that back its def St Louis

Lauren: sweet. Everyone needs to go and listen to that song then.

Shane: it has a “say anything” type of feel to it

Lauren: What are your plans for future releases?

Shane: we are going to demo 3 new songs that are going to make it onto a full length Japanese CD, they will eventually make it onto a new record here as well, but i would expect them on myspace before the end of the year

Lauren: Now, if you had to shamelessly promote your band, what would you tell people?

Shane: we like to get naked a lot, i mean a lot. Ridiculous amounts of nakedness. haha

Shane: oh you mean musically? haha

Lauren: nah, i think that will get everyone curious enough. haha

Shane:Everyone can get into our music, its just really accessible from a listeners stand point and its not something you necessarily haven’t heard before, but at the same time it is. we really don’t sound just like any other bands. haha we haven’t even found our own sound yet

Lauren: It’s all a process, but it sounds good so far.

Shane: thanks

Lauren: No problem. So, last question. Simply, is there anything else you want to add?

Shane: WE absolutely love talking to all our fans online and at shows, we respond to every single comment and message, even if it takes us a while, so make sure to say HI

Lauren: Easy enough!!

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