Scott Waldman of Lido Beach

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Lauren talked to Scott Waldman, formerly of The City Drive, about his new project Lido Beach. As a fairly new band, with Scott as the only official member at the present time, they have already played shows with bands such as Sound the Alarm, Tokyo Rose, and Goodbye Valentine. You can purchase a Lido Beach t-shirt and a c.d. featuring 3 songs titled Raw Acoustic on now. Keep your eyes on this band, for I’m sure they’ll just keep blowing up!!!

SSM: Can you state your name and what you do in the band?

Scott: Scott Waldman. I sing and play guitar.

SSM: How did the lineup come to be?

Scott: The lineup is not permanent yet. I am currently the only “official” member of LIDO BEACH but I am looking to change that soon. I’ve known Scott Seader (lead guitar) for 22 years, I’ve lived in a van with Brian Weber for one month, I’ve had Souplantation and Indian food with Jason Young at least once a week for the past year and Adam Miller’s family knows how to cook amazing food!

SSM:What are some of the bands’ influences?
Scott: Here are seven: The Beatles, Nirvana, Silverchair, Jimmy Eat World,The Who, Weezer and Kara’s Flowers!

SSM:After only a few days of putting up the myspace, you have a street team formed for the band. What was that like to first see it? Anything else a fan has said or done that you think deserves mention?

Scott:BEYOND THRILLING. Every ounce of support from every person who has even HEARD of LIDO BEACH has made each day better and better. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

SSM:When you do get around to recording an album, are you going to put all new songs on it or re-record some of the ones that are on your myspace?

Scott:The songs on our myspace are ALL really raw and old. We definitely plan on re-recording ALL of them soon. Some will be acoustic but most will be FULL BAND! Get excited.

SSM:You posted a blog on your page about a cause that helps people with cancer. People can check that out here: Can you tell us a bit about it? Why do you think people should get involved with this?

Scott: People should get involved with this for obvious reasons. My friend Emily Herman is an amazing gal. Check out her page!

-By Lauren & Ashley

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