Sherlock: The Empty Hearse Review

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The third season of Sherlock premiered this past Sunday with the episode The Empty Hearse. I don’t want to say too much about the show since I know not everyone has made it through the first two seasons. Maybe you’ve heard spoilers elsewhere, but I’d like to avoid the large ones.

Basically, I wanted to share some brief thoughts about the first episode of this new season.

1. I’m sad there are only three episodes per season, of course. While each one is about the length of a shorter film, it just never seems enough!

2. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have wonderful chemistry as John and Sherlock. It was nice to see them back together again.

3. The actual episode was quite good. I still wish we had some definite answers, but overall, that’s Sherlock and it makes sense. There are a mix of things happening throughout The Empty Hearse, but the biggest storyline is kind of a set up for the other two episodes, I believe. We will be getting a new villain and I’m very curious. After all, Moriarty was fantastic!

4. John is engaged to Mary, per the books, and I have to say that Amanda Abbington does a great job. She’s with Martin Freeman in real life, which lends to a nice chemistry between Mary and John. However, she’s also a feminine breath of fresh air on the show!

5. You get a bit of Sherlock’s parents in this episode! Too funny, especially when you know that they are played by Benedict Cumberbatch’s real life mum and dad. I believe they will be in the second episode too, so that should be interesting! I want John to properly meet them.

6. I loved how they brought the fandom of Sherlock into the show. You see wild theories about Sherlock and the overall popularity surrounding this sociopath.

Overall, a great start to a new season. I’m curious to get more into the mysteries that the show does so well with, but I loved how character focused The Empty Hearse was too!

19 responses to “Sherlock: The Empty Hearse Review

  1. I really need to watch this show! I can't find it anywhere and I'm not subscribed to Netflix (although I'm working on that detail so far) so I'm glad that you enjoyed this episode, from all the fandom posts on Tumblr I really need to start this show! Thanks for sharing! <33

  2. I can't believe I haven't started watching this show yet, considering the massive fandom that has erupted because of this one! It's actually really cool to hear that they actually incorporated the fandom into the show, I'm really curious to see how that was done. I think it's cool how there aren't definite answers; that air of intrigue would really interest me, I think. It's also super cute to see that the couple in this show, John and Mary, are actually together in real life!! I'm sure that adds a lot of chemistry. 😉

    Lovely post, and thanks for not sharing any spoilers! <3 It seems like I'll have to jump on the bandwagon with Sherlock. =)

  3. I LOVE this series! I think Benedict and Martin are PERFECT as Holmes and Watson.

    I need to tune into season 3. I can catch up on the PBS app. It's absolutely brilliant! I can't wait to watch this episode! Yay!

  4. I didn't read too much of your review… I just rewatched season 1 and 2 on Netflix and loved it. Now I am going to watch the Christmas special and then start up the new season. I am soooo excited to get it started!

  5. I'm rewatching the second season currently and am excited to get to the third! I totally second your sadness that each season is only three episodes long. They are long episodes and practically mini movies, but it still never seems like enough! And we get to see Sherlock's parents, played by Benedict Cumberbatch's parents?? Too cool! Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Can't wait!

  6. I loved this episode! I like how they brought in all the theories and let you decide what Sherlock did. LOVE the chemistry between John and Sherlock, and the addition of Mary. Finally a female character that isn't just shoved off unceremoniously. I had no idea Sherlock's parents are Cumberbatch's real parents, that's so awesome! Fab review 🙂

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